5 Reasons to Stay in Luxury Lodges of New Zealand (NZ)

Are you celebrating a special occasion alone or with your loved ones? Why not do it in one of the best luxury lodges of New Zealand? Be it birthdays, graduation, or wedding anniversaries, there are so many reasons why you should consider staying in one of the luxury lodges in NZ. We’re here to provide five convincing reasons why you need to visit New Zealand soon and book an accommodation at Hicks Bay Motel.


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Luxury Lodges in NZ: Why Choose Hicks Bay Motel?

New Zealand is indeed a beautiful country, no wonder many adventurers love to explore it. The country offers many scenic spots which feature New Zealand’s unspoiled beauty. The country’s astounding landscapes are perfect for all types of adventures, be it on land, water, or air. If you have never been to New Zealand before, one thing you should not forget when planning your vacation is the place you will stay in. If you are around the East Cape, you can choose one of the most accommodating luxury lodges of New Zealand, Hicks Bay Motel. Take a look at the following reasons why you need to book an accommodation here:


  1. View the first sunrise. 
    If you are not a morning person, you may think about reconsidering as Hicks Bay Motel offers a beautiful advantage. New Zealand is one of the countries where the first sunrise occurs. Among NZ locations, East Cape could provide you the most incredible view of the first sunrise. Staying at the Hicks Bay Motel in East Cape will give you the perfect opportunity to watch the sunrise.
  2. Get your money’s worth.
    The price of staying at luxury lodges in NZ varies from hotel to hotel. If you will spend hundreds to thousands of dollars, make sure that it will be worth it. If you check Hicks Bay Motel accommodation rates, you will surely be amazed at its affordability considering the world-class services and available amenities it provides.
  3. Be in awe of New Zealand’s scenic spots.
    One of the best things about Hicks Bay Motel is its location. It is situated on a 14 acre bluff, 250 meters above sea level, in historic and botanically protected, unspoiled Maori Reserved Land. Here, you will enjoy a lot of breathtaking views, including the astounding Pacific ocean vistas. Staying at one of the best East Cape hotels can give you the peace and tranquility you need for your vacation.
  4. Meet the hotel’s accommodating staff.It is not only the room, amenities, and food that can provide you with the best hotel experience. Sometimes, being surrounded by an accommodating staff can uplift your mood and enjoy your vacation more. Hicks Bay Motel guarantees a team of accommodating staff that will assist you in your whole stay at the hotel.
  5. Enjoy easy and fast booking.Another thing that you will love about Hicks Bay Motel is the booking convenience. You can easily book an accommodation just by calling the staff or booking online. Check this link and reserve a room now.

New Zealand is one of the many countries in the world that can offer you great adventure destinations. These places are perfect for relaxation, whether you want to walk by the beach or watch the golden hour with your loved ones. If you’re going to have a comfortable and peaceful vacation, make sure to choose one of the best luxury lodges of New Zealand, Hicks Bay Motel.

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