5 Wonderful Places to Visit in Auckland

Auckland is one of the beautiful places to visit in New Zealand. It is a city located in the northern part of the country. If you plan to go for a vacation and consider Auckland, you must have a list of places in your bucket. The country has a long list of tourist spots, museums, parks, and even beaches.

Here are a few places that you shouldn’t miss:

places to visit in auckland


The Sky Tower

Are you up for an adventure? The Sky Tower is one of Auckland’s tourist attractions that never run out of people who want to have a taste of the country’s great adventure. It is a needle-like building situated in the heart of the city. People who visited the place have not missed climbing the 328-meter-high tower. It has an external platform that allows you to do sky walking, and if you want extreme activity, you can sky jump afterward.

The tower is an excellent opportunity for a tourist to view the city from above as you ascend while in the glass door elevator. You will experience the breathtaking scene until you reach the observation deck, where you can witness the panoramic view of the place that extends up to 80 kilometers.

Auckland Harbour Bridge Adventures

The bridge is one of the city’s remarkable structures. Located in Central Harbor, the bridge connects northern districts, beaches, and the downtown of Auckland. It is over one kilometer long, where you can experience the city’s great adventure. They offer Bungy Jumping, Sky walking, Wall Climbing, and sky jump. Your stay would be full of thrill.

If you are doing the adventure for the first time, you don’t have to worry. The organizers assure that these are safe. A guide will be with you throughout the activity.

Auckland Museum

One of the attractions in Auckland that you shouldn’t miss dropping by is the Auckland Museum. This is built to give tribute to the country’s brave soldiers who fought during World War I. Auckland Museum is one of the main attractions for hundreds of tourists all year round.

The museum houses impressive artifacts that contributed to the history of Auckland. It traces back to the land’s first settlers up to the present day. The collections are organized into three categories: the documentary heritage, which contains historical documents, manuscripts, and pictorial arts; the human history section shows the country’s history; and the area of the natural sciences, where you will be introduced to different plants used for medicines and impressive stones that ancient people used.

Waiheke Island

Who doesn’t love the peaceful scene of beaches and the ocean? If you need to have a short relaxation and want to smell the salty breeze of nature, include Waiheke Island in your list. The crystal-clear water is so inviting that you have nothing in mind but to swim in. Vacation is never complete if you won’t be able to feel the sea or nature. You can walk on the trails of the Island. See the vast vineyards and forested plains. Nothing is comparable to a lovely scene of Earth’s natural beauty.

Auckland Botanic Gardens

Complete your Auckland experience and fill your eyes with beautiful flowers. The 158-acre Auckland Botanic Gardens houses different plants and flowers that can only be seen in New Zealand. As you enter the place, you can smell the pleasing scent of over 10,000 plant species spread across the area. You will feel relaxed with its peaceful view. Tranquility is what the place can offer. Enjoy the beauty of nature with your loved ones and friends while you sit on the benches within the garden.

Choosing a Place to Stay in Auckland

When visiting Auckland or even other places, you need to secure your place to stay throughout your trip. This would also serve as your resting heaven after a tiring walk or stroll over the city. Aside from the accommodation price, there are also a few things that you need to consider in selecting a place to stay. Hicks Bay Motel in Auckland would be the best choice for you.

Here are a few reasons why you should stay in Hicks Bay Motel:

  1. Security. Security must be your top priority when traveling, especially when you are visiting the place for the first time. Hicks Bay Motel takes this aspect seriously. You can be assured that the place has tight security for its guests. It is nice to know that you can have a good night’s sleep, leaving you with a lot of peace of mind. And you will be confident to leave during the day while your things are kept safe in place.
  2. Location. The area or location of your chosen accommodation should have a convenient store or at least a place where you can buy something for your personal needs. This is why Hick Bay Motel is the right place for you. Its location is just within the city, and it is easily accessible to stores and transportation.
  3. Amenities. You can check the amenities in getting accommodation: a pool or a massage parlor that can relieve your stress and fatigue would be great. Internet access is also necessary, so you can do things online or connect with friends and loved ones if you are traveling alone. Get all of these while staying in Hick Bay.
  4. Reservation Procedure. Hicks Bay offers convenience when it comes to making reservations. Not all hotels or motels have a straightforward reservation procedure. Others may require you to pay in full and ask you for unnecessary information. Some may require you to provide a down payment. HIcks Bay Motel allows online reservations. You don’t have to make long-distance calls or wait in line.
  5. Service. A hotel can have excellent facilities with beautiful infrastructure, but it would be nothing if it provides poor service. Making you feel like a VIP would be the best service that you can get from any hotel. This is exactly the treatment that you can expect from Hicks Bay Motel. They always make sure to meet all your needs throughout your stay.

Going on a vacation is only one of the things that all people love to do. May it be with friends or family members or alone. And if you are thinking of going to Auckland, you have to make a list. Jot the best places to visit in Auckland and cross it out one by one. The city has numerous attractions that you must not miss. Importantly, you must make sure you have a place to stay at the end of the day. Somewhere you can relax after a tiring tour or walk.

If you are looking for a hotel that will keep you safe at night while you rest, with the perfect location and amenities, choose Hicks Bay Motel. The service and comfort that you’ll get from their employees will complete your perfect New Zealand trip.

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