6 Best Places to See Sunrise in Queenstown

The rising of the sun is one of the most heartwarming sceneries you can witness in the morning, in this article you will learn more about the best places to see sunrise in Queenstown. The glorious colors of the sun’s rays are a true spectacle as seen from the horizon and in between tall mountains.
In New Zealand, there are beautiful places perfect for an early walk while waiting for the sunrise. In Queenstown, for example, there are ideal spots to witness the rising sun.

So, below are places to visit in Queensland, and consider them for a fantastic sunrise view.

Lake Esplanade

Be in the best place to see the sunrise in Queenstown. Lake Esplanade is one of these places, and it is located in the downtown area of Queenstown. If you decide to stay there, take a walk by the lakefront and catch the sunrise.

The sunrise in the lake will give you a memorable moment of me-time. There are also cafes and restaurants surrounding the lake, so you can have your breakfast while waiting for the sun or have a sip of your coffee while soaking yourself in the stunning beauty of the lake and mountain views.

Lake Hayes

The lake is one of the go-to places in Queenstown that is only a 15-minute bus ride from downtown.

Most people love to catch the sunrise in Lake Hayes because of its splendor creating countless colors when the morning sun rays touch the clear water. The view is simply breathtaking. Have your cameras ready and catch the lake ripples over the horizon.

Coronet Peak

Coronet Peak is one of the most visited peaks in the country with ski fields. During winter, the area offers a long season of snow. Business-minded people take advantage of the season and turn the place into a commercial ski field.

Coronet Peak is not only for skiers but also for people who love the sun. Sunrise in Queensland is between 7 to 8 in the morning, so it would be great to take a hike before 7 until you reach the peak where you can catch the glorious sunshine.

Bob’s Peak

If you love to see the sunrise, you have to wake up early in the morning and take the Tiki Trail to the top.

For people with the fear of heights and not used to hiking, trekking, or climbing, getting on top can be a little challenging. But if you are up for a challenge and love adventure, it will be rewarding once you make it on time and watch the sunrise. The impressive view of the sunrise at Bob’s Peak gives you no reason not to see it for yourself.

Queenstown Hill

The 700-meter climb to the top of the hill is perfect for travelers who love adventure and trekking. If you are in Queenstown, this is your chance for a me-time and to get connected to nature. Most hikers to the hill find it very fulfilling after seeing the rewarding view of the sunrise from the top.

As you slope your way up, you will see beautiful and cultural spots. You will also walk through the pine forest. Once you reach the top, you will be greeted by the bright colors of the sunrise. The spectacular view will definitely provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Queenstown Beach, Lake Wakatipu

Queenstown has its own version of a summer beach destination along with the shore of Lake Wakatipu. The beach is known for its beautiful sunrise and sunset. If you love rising early and catching the sun, it would be a good idea to start it with a refreshing walk or jog by the bay.

The sunrise in Queenstown Beach provides a peculiar scene, making it a perfect subject for photography. As the sun rose and lit up the sky, the color of Turquoise Blue suddenly appeared over the mountains of the town. So do not leave Queenstown without enjoying such beauty and take a selfie with the stunning sunrise as your background.

An Ideal Place to Stay in Queenstown

Are you set for a vacation but hate the idea of roaming into the crowded nature of the metropolis? Then consider going to best places to see sunrise in Queenstown. Located in the Southwestern part of New Zealand, the town has been named the place of adventure and beauty.

Choose an accommodation in Queenstown that will give you the perfect spot from your room to see the sunrise while taking your early breakfast.

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