Why We Love Saint Mary’s Church

Why We Love Saint Mary's ChurchKnown as Tikitiki’s Jewel, the Saint Mary’s Church is not just a simple village church. It should be on everyone’s list of must-see sites. With that, we list the 7 reasons why we believe the Saint Mary’s Church should be on your list:


Why We Love Saint Mary’s Church

Here are seven reasons why we believe the Saint Mary’s Church should be on your list:


Celebration of Bravery

The church was made in honor of the Maori men who died fighting during WWI. The names of the East Coast heroes are engraved on a memorial board. It can be viewed inside the church.


Piece of History

Saint Mary’s Church was built during the mid-1920s. It has since then survived various events and calamities.


Amazing Architecture

From the outside, it would look like any small village church. But the inside has an amazing array of beautiful and intricate carvings.


A Museum of Sorts

Besides being a church, you can consider the Saint Mary’s Church as a museum of sorts. There are a handful of intricately carved wooden figures. The pews even have wonderful carvings.



One of our favorite reasons why we love Saint Mary’s church is that all of the pieces you can see in the church was made by local people. The pulpit was from the Te Arawa people. The tukutuku panels were made by Ngati Porou weavers.


Stained Glass Wonder

Every church has a stained glass – the Saint Mary’s Church is no exception. But its depiction of Jesus in the Cross shows a more unforgettable scene. It shows two Maori men looking up at Jesus.


Picture Perfect

As tourists, finding the picture perfect spot is essential. And you don’t have trouble finding it at the Saint Mary’s Church.


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