Your Ultimate Guide On Hicks Bay Weather

Excited about your next trip to Hicks Bay? You can plan the perfect itinerary all you want, but there will be things that might get in the way. Just imagine how your perfectly-planned honeymoon trip can easily be ruined by an unexpected rain shower, or worse, an unforseen storm forecast. Not something you’re looking forward too, right?

Every experienced traveler can swear by the importance of knowing what the weather is going to be like during their travels. If you’re looking to travel to Hicks Bay, make sure the weather is the most favorable to you.

hicks bay weatherSunny first-sunrise views from December to February

It’s always a good day to travel around Hicks Bay during summer. This season starts from December to February, where rains will be less likely to hit area. This will be a perfect time for you to get ready for more action-packed adventures when traveling around.

Hicks Bay’s range of activities are made for the sunny weather: the first sunrise views, mountain hikes, biking, forest tours, and so much more. There will be a lot of chances to experience all these when you travel around these months.

Boots and coats on from June to August

High chances of precipitation and storm surges can accumulate between the months of June to August. If you had your trip booked on these dates, better get your boots and raincoats ready. 

Hicks Bay may be meant for the sunny weather, but there are a lot of things you can also enjoy with a little rain. In fact, the cold June to August is the second busiest time of the year in Hicks Bay!

If it’s raining, you can opt for more down-time activities like fishing. You’ll find a lot of popular fishing ports around the area. But if you’re feeling a bit gutsy and adventurous, try out hiking, or even biking around Hicks Bay during the rainy days! This will surely take your experience to another level.

hicks bay weatherBring your jacket for October winds

The breeze will get chillier around the months of September to November, gradually peaking in October. With high views around Hicks Bay, weather patterns can be a little more uncertain due to fast moving winds.

It can be nice and humid in the morning, and rainy and wet in the afternoon. If you’ll be visiting Hicks Bay around this month, you’re going to need a nice and comfy jacket to keep you warm.

October is also the leanest time of the year in Hicks Bay so expect to find favorable hotel and tour deals around this time.

Surfing swells all year round

East Cape offers a lot of surfing areas around Hicks Bay. Surfers fall in love with East Cape’s stretch of beaches, not only because they are usually uncrowded, but also they offer the most consistent waves. You can also choose from over 21 different surf spots just around East Cape!

Gisborne is also a popular surf spot with hollow and fast-breaking waves. Makorori and Wainui Beaches are the nearest surf spots in the area.

Surf swells form consistently all year round, but summer is the best season for surfing enthusiasts. Weather is perfectly warm and sunny for wave-riding. Tides can grow up to 3 feet, or even 6 feet in other surf areas. Go get your board ready for these awesome rides!

Worry Less About Hicks Bay Weather

When travelling to Hicks Bay, it’s essential to know what kind of weather conditions will the place have during your stay. Weather can affect your travel so much– from your budget down to your wardrobe size. 

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