Every Traveler’s Guide On Tipping In New Zealand

tipping in new zealandWhen you go places and explore other cultures, you have to know certain etiquette for respect. Tipping is the most customary form of appreciation for people who tended you service or gesture anywhere. It differs, though, for many cultures.

You should know that tipping in New Zealand requires a bit of knowledge too. It’s essential to know how much you should be tipping, and how often you should do it. Let this guide help you understand this better.

It’s merit-based

Locals of New Zealand are naturally friendly and warm, especially with tourists. That’s why some are still uncomfortable in receiving tips for a job they were expected to do.

Tips are happily received if they went beyond what is expected of them. Offer a tip to someone who has restored your missing belongings, but note that it’s not obligatory. You can also offer a tip if someone made you really happy with their service. It’s a form of appreciation after all.

Don’t be surprised if they insist. Some of them are more than happy to receive a simple compliment from you.

Hotels don’t need it

Surprisingly enough, tips are also not that common in hotels in New Zealand. Some of the biggest hotels might be used to it, but they don’t see it as any tourist’s obligation.

If you’ve received service beyond your expectations, you can tip about 2 or 3 dollars. It’s not expected, but it’s a kind gesture. The Kiwis are people of great characters that they would love to help you out without expecting anything in return.

Waiters don’t expect it

Waiters in New Zealand are happy to assist you as you dine. They do not expect you to tip them because they know that serving you is all part of the job.

If you’d want to give them a tip, nevertheless, you can leave your spare change on the table as you leave. There are also tip boxes and jars by the counter of some of the dining areas where you can put your tip anonymously.

If they went beyond their limits to assist you, say, they’ve set up a special dining place for you and your partner, it won’t hurt to offer them some. If they insist, make sure to commend this good deed with their manager around.

tipping in new zealandTour Guides deserve it

Tour guides are very helpful whenever you travel. Going to the most beautiful places in the area with a little local help can save you a lot of hassle. 

You’ll know a good tour guide when you spot one– they’re fun to be with, and would go all out just to make sure your whole travel experience is great. They might even get you to some of the best places that are not in their usual itinerary!

Again, tipping in New Zealand is merit-based. If you find the tour guide’s service pleasing enough for you, you can offer a good 5 dollars for the whole trip. They’d also be more glad to know you had fun with them too!

Leave your change for drivers

Taxi drivers are some of the people who can offer tourists a lot of help. They get you to places you should go and want to see. Some of them would even offer to tour you around the city.

You bet they’d insist if you give them a tip. But some of them will receive it gladly. For taxi drivers in New Zealand, you can offer to tip around 10% of your whole fare. Some will be too shy to receive it, so you can purposely just pay an amount higher, and leave them the change.

Tipping is a culture that every traveler needs to know. It’s respect and appreciation in monetary form. In tipping in New Zealand, this is an indication of a job well done. The Kiwis are more than happy to do the best they could to offer help to any tourist.

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