Have The Best NZ Camping Experience At East Cape Campground

East Cape, New Zealand is home to the best sceneries– the first sunrise, the amazing sea views, canyons and mountains to behold, and so much more. For people who love off-the-grid adventure, East Cape is your place to be.


When it comes to camping, East Cape also has the best to offer. It holds probably the best campground for any tourist– young and old, group or solo– offering breathtaking sceneries of vast mountain ranges, ocean horizons, and rich greens. 


If you’re on the lookout for a different camping experience in East Cape, you’re in luck to find the best in East Cape Campground. Here’s what to expect:

Sea views and sandy shores

East Cape Campground sits along East Cape Road at Gisborne. You’ll be in awe at finding yourself the middle of views and places you never thought possible. 

east cape camping site

Upon entering the site, you’ll be greeted with vast green scapes, leading to a stretch of sandy beach. There, you’ll find yourself seeming to be in two places at once.


The sea views are exquisite for viewing the first sunrise that comes every day in this area. Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves and seeing the sun in all its glory shining right before you, just before everyone in the world sees it.

The grand mountains from afar

The campground is nestled on a rich plantain surrounded by the big mountain ranges of New Zealand. This will give you a great backdrop of lush and untouched mountains that guard the area.


Driving here, you’ll also be greeted by friendly cows grazing in its rich vegetation. Don’t worry because they are family friends of the nice Kiwi farmers who own the place. 

The river that flows beside it

It’s a common thing that when camping, baths are not really a big deal. But camping just beside a river will make you think otherwise. 


The beaches near it may not be suitable for swimming, but you have a small river where you can swim, take a bath, and just have fun. Campers appreciate all these activities they can do around the area.

Nights underneath the star-lit sky

At night, never miss the spectacle of its start-lit sky. The skies will open up to reveal its many many stars, illuminating the supposedly pitch-black farm.


The night’s cool breeze that blows from the sea will also give you the best experience while camping here. Camper vans, cars, and tents are welcome to park in the East Cape campground. There will be small fees for maintenance, but it’s surely worth more than the value they place offers.

Nearest the East Cape Lighthouse

This campsite is the nearest if you’re planning to view the first sunrise at East Cape Lighthouse. You’ll never want to miss the first sunrise at this lighthouse because it offers one of the most spectacular views for tourists.


Just a few walks from the place, you’ll be able to reach this famous lighthouse. Perfect for early morning hikes just before the sun comes out.


Biking trails are also all over the place. In fact, it’s East Cape campground is one of the most famous cycling spots when biking around East Cape. 


After all the camping, treat yourself to a night or two at the best accommodation near the area. Hicks Bay Motel Lodge offers campers and non-campers the best of both worlds. Plus, it gives the perfect overlooking views of the bay! Come and book with us for your next NZ trip.


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  1. Nadia Humphries

    Hi there, we are looking for a campsite (with bathroom facilities) to stay in our little camper van in on 20 sept. Is this suitable for us? If so, how do we go about booking?
    Thanks so much, Nadia

  2. Pablo

    He I want to go 24/12/2020 with my partner in our camper van how I can reserved?

  3. Matthew Mollet

    Hello there,

    Do you have any campsites available? How much do the cost? Are the kitchen facilities available?

    I want to come on 5 jan.


  4. Michael

    Hicks Bay Campground? I didn’t think there was a campground at Hicks Bay?


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