Frequently Asked Questions

8. Do you get vodafone service in Hicks Bay?


9. Do you get Telecom Cell Phone service in Hicks Bay?

No. The only place that I know of that gets Telecom Cell Phone service is at the very top of the East Cape Lighthouse.

10. Does the Cafe Style Restaurant ever close?

Yes. We close each year on 25 December. We also close if we have no bookings by 6pm each day.

11. Is there freedom camping in the East Cape?


12. How old is the motel?

Hicks Bay Motel Lodge is now over fifty years old.

13. What is Raepao?

It is an ancient maori burial ground.

14. Is Hicks Bay Motel Lodge Luxury?

Self rated three stars. For luxury you will want to contact Portside Gisborne.

15. What ever happened to John Campbell the masters marathon runner?

John is the Owner Operator of Hicks Bay Motel Lodge

16. What is so special about maori land? to find out more.   

17. Do you serve authentic maori cuisine in the restaurant?

We employ locals, however we do not advertise authentic maori cuisine.

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