Five Moments To Remember From The Iconic Hicks Bay

The Iconic Hicks BayThe iconic Hicks Bay is known for its classic beauty. There are many historical sights in the wharf including some ruins and old buildings. All of these and the magical sea transports you back in time.


It’s no wonder tourists come to Hicks Bay from all over the world. If you’re ever going to New Zealand, never forget to visit the wharf.


There, you’ll be able to experience unforgettable moments.

The Iconic Hicks Bay

Hicks Bay won’t be “iconic” without a few unforgettable sights and moments to behold. Here are five things and places you do and go to when visiting the place.


Hicks Bay Wharf


The wharf is in need of some major repairs. There have been talks about renovations. Before it’s replaced, why not take a photo in the Hicks Bay wharf?


Fishing in Hicks Bay


The area is an important fishing area for the locals. If you’re a fan of fishing and angling, you’ll definitely find some unforgettable catches here. It’s the moment you reel in your fishing rod and see your catch that gets a lasting mark.


The First Sunrise


Imagine being the first person to greet a new day. You can now live that dream when you visit the East Cape Lighthouse. Thousands of tourists visit this monumental lighthouse for the iconic moment.


Old World


Hicks Bay is filled with historical landmarks. Each one has its own story and contributes to New Zealand’s amazing history.


Untouched Beaches

Tired of crowded beaches? You can find untouched beaches near the iconic Hicks Bay. It will give you the time to relax and to have everlasting moments with friends and family.

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