How to Find the Best Waihau Bay Accommodation

If you are touring around New Zealand, one place that you should not forget is Waihau Bay. It is around five kilometers in length and has a wave of one meter. Although many rocks and reefs characterize this bay, many beach users still prefer to go here. Waihau bay offers exciting activities for solo and family adventures. You can go boating, canoeing, dog walking, horse riding, and scuba diving in this place. Kids will surely enjoy shell searching here. To enjoy these recreations on your next vacation, one thing you should take into consideration is finding the best Waihau Bay accommodation, and we’re here to help you.

Waihau bay accommodation- Waihau bay accommodation NZ

5 Tips on Getting the Best Waihau Bay Accommodation NZ

There are many affordable accommodations that you can find in New Zealand. But how will you know if it’s the best place to stay? If you visit Waihau Bay and plan to stay there for a few days, here are some tips when booking a motel or hotel.

  1. Avoid the peak days.Every motel or hotel has peak days, which means the demand for accommodation increases. Some hotels increase either accommodation rates to take advantage of the peak days or season. When planning for a vacation, make sure it’s on regular days because the prices seem cheaper and more affordable.
  2. Consider a motel rather than a hotel.When thinking of having a great adventure, one thing that could pop into your mind is staying in a five-star hotel. However, it can be pricey, especially if you want to access many facilities. So instead of booking a hotel, why not choose a motel? Motels are usually cheaper than hotels, but they can also provide the things you need. There are world-class motels in New Zealand, like Hicks Bay Motel, where you can have a nice view of beautiful places.
  3. Consider the nearest place to stay in.If you are on a tight budget, one way to save money is by booking the nearest motel or hotel. Doing so allows you to save money from having no to few transportation costs. The savings you can get can be used for other necessities, trying the local’s food, or trying more fun activities. When choosing a place, make sure it can provide, if not all, almost all of the facilities you need, such as parking lots.
  4. Stay in a nearby town if there are no cheap hotels around Waihau.If you can’t find affordable Waihau accommodation, then you may consider other places outside the area. Don’t mind the transportation costs if you can save more when you choose cheap motels. You can also compare the prices you need to pay for transportation and accommodation and see where you can save more.
  5. Share the cost with other travelers.If your family is not coming with you on your Waihau trip, you can invite your friends to go with you. Consider booking a bigger room where you can share costs with them. This is a cheaper and more practical tip to save more money and maximize your Waihau adventure.

There are so many things you can do in Waihau. So if you are looking for a perfect adventure destination, make sure to include Waihau Bay in your list. Whether you prefer solo trips or family adventures, traveling to Waihau is easy and accessible. Besides, there are lots of affordable Waihau Bay accommodations NZ you can find inside and outside the area. Don’t forget to try the local food and make new friends with the locals and tourists visiting the place.

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