Must-See Places You Should Not Miss In New Zealand

Travelling To New Zealand? Never Miss These Places

Much to the happiness of its travellers, New Zealand is a place that will never disappoint. Its glorious views, breathtaking scenery, and bountiful adventure are enough to make you just pack your bags and go.

Yes, it’s tempting to visit them all, but if you’re on a tight schedule, your itinerary must include all the must-see places you should never miss out. With a lot to visit in the islands North and South of New Zealand, where should you best be travelling in?


North Island

The North Island holds the culture of New Zealand. It’s home to a lot of island sanctuaries, stunning coastlines, and relaxing geothermal hotspots. If the North island is your top pick, never miss any of these places.

  • Taupo

Taupo is a city filled with heart-pumping adventure. If you’re in for a treat of extreme adventures like skydiving, bungee jumping or jet boating, then you’ll fall in love completely with this city.

It houses a lot of white water adventures, boiling hot springs and geothermal water parks for you to experience. There won’t be any dull moments in the fun Taupo city.

  • Tongariro Alpine Crossings

For hiking lovers, Tongariro Alpine Crossings is your best bet. It’s the most famous tramping track in New Zealand blessed with views of the amazing volcanic landscapes to feast your eyes on.

It’s famous for its cultural and spiritual significance on the island. Traversing it can be one of the most challenging day hikes in the region, providing travellers the best experience they’ll never find elsewhere.

  • Waitomo Caves

Glow worms flock the insides of Waitomo Caves, making it a different experience for any tourists. You’ll find yourself mesmerized by the beauty of these caves, and the creatures that live inside it.

Going inside the underground caves in Waitomo can be via trek, a boat, or an exciting zipline. The magic of this place is immeasurable and worth your short visit.

  • Rotorua

Culture and splendid views capture the hearts of tourists in Rotorua. Here, you’ll find yourself more drawn to the Maori tradition and be able to learn some of it while you travel.

Geysers are in abundance in Rotorua, including the most famous one– the Pohutu Geyser which is equally impressive by day as it is at night. Whakarewarewa forest nestled in Rotorua is also worth the trip where you’ll find the biggest and most beautiful Redwoods you’ve ever seen.

  • Hicks Bay

Now who would forget to visit home of the first sunrise? Getting to the quiet side of Hicks Bay will bring you splendid views of the rolling hills, mountains and the beautiful bay. 

First sunrise to ever touch the earth can be viewed from 1 best point in Gisborne. Consider viewing the first sunrise in East Cape Lighthouse. Views will feature a scenic mix of the sea and mountains from afar, as you stand about 154 meters above sea level.

Accommodations in Hicks Bay are quite a few, but the best would be the nearest of all the important places. Hicks Bay Motel Lodge sounds the best option for anyone who wants to see this part of the North Island of New Zealand.


South Island

South Island is larger than the North Island of New Zealand. Now take note, even if you’re in the same country, the climate in these different islands vary. South Island is the colder spot in the country where wine, sheep and Rugby are the people’s most beloved things.

  • Abel Tasman National Park

Known for its long trail of golden beaches and granite cliffs, Abel Tasman National Park offers adventures that will fill your day.

You can go a whole day not thinking about the time as its activities are a lot. You can ride a kayak, go diving in either water or the sky, take a boat trip, or simply trail its world-famous coast track.

  • Central Otago

If you want the path less travelled, then Central Otago is for you. It’s an off the beaten path that will make your tour worth it.

This town is blessed with wild landscapes that deserve your attention. It’s a perfect laid-back place where you can bike around, visit vineyards and wineries, and just have the best time of your life.

  • Marlborough Sounds

Views in Marlborough Sounds will make your trip extra special. It’s composed of shrunken river valleys that are filled with the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Clear waters and amazing landscapes is a treasure in Marlboro Sounds. Definitely a must-see place in New Zealand!

  • Christchurch

The biggest city in South Island is Christchurch. Biking paths and botanic gardens are in abundance in this city, that’s why it’s dubbed as the “Garden City”.

Street art can be seen in different corners of Christchurch. These interesting pieces of art have been New Zealand’s treasures, making the city more famous because of it. 

  • Mt Cook

Also known as Aoraki, Mt Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand, towering at 3,724 meters. 

Hiking, taking helicopter rides and stargazing are some of the best activities in Mt Cook. Interesting enough, Mt Cook features scenic ice-capped mountains and incredible lake views.

Now, are you ready to travel to New Zealand? Don’t forget to book your accommodation with us at Hicks Bay Motel Lodge.

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