Out Of Vacation Ideas? New Zealand’s Got Them All

Unique Vacation Ideas You Can Only Experience In New Zealand

Adventure blends with nature in all corners of New Zealand. This is the reason why it tops the list of vacation lovers out there. If you have no idea on what to expect yet, check out these vacation ideas we have in store for you.

Take a trip to the country that will bring you to different kinds of unique places! Just make sure you’ve got all the time you need if you want to follow this exciting itinerary.

Discover the Maori Culture

The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand, and they give the warmest and the most creative welcome for guests visiting their homeland.

The Maori culture is preserved and honoured by all locals, and as a tourist, you should do your part in respecting this culture too. The Maori people are often warm and welcoming, they entertain their guests with their Powhiri greeting.

You can also experience this culture more through a tour to either one of the tribal meeting grounds in the North Island: Auckland, Rotorua, Northland and Caterbury. Here, you can witness their dances, rituals, carving, weaving and tattooing traditions, and so much more. 

You can also learn about some of the Maori legends that have passed across generations. Some of these legends are also performed through songs and dances, which you can witness . If you got lucky, they can even let you taste some of their unique cuisines!

Catch the First Sunrise

When you visit New Zealand, you should spend a morning or two catching the first sunrise. Hicks Bay, the home of the first sunrise is a beautiful destination located at North Island in the city of Gisborne where bay and sea views are breathtaking.

The first touch of the sun’s rays are felt and seen every single day in East Cape, where Hicks Bay is located. One of the best places you can catch it is at the top of East Cape Lighthouse. You can hike to the tower before the crack of dawn and experience the magnificent first-sunrise view from atop this majestic place. 

It is recommended to book an accommodation nearest East Cape so you’ll have the best access to this unique experience. Located just a short drive to the best sunrise views is Hicks Bay Motel Lodge. Our accommodations are fit for solo, couple and group travellers and can give you the easiest route to the best places around Gisborne.

Surf Your Heart Out

Surfing in New Zealand is something you can do all year round. With 34 surf spots in the North Island and another 14 spots in the South Island, surfers will have the best time of their lives beach-hopping and surfing out the best swells during their stay.

For keen surfers, you can start with Piha Beach, which is famous for having consistent waves any time of the day, and for any season. For surfers who’d love to chill, listen to good music and great food, your best bet is Raglan. However, if you want a less crowded place with a laid back vibe, head on to Shipwreck Bay for the the best time of your life

Try the World’s Best Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough region located at South Island is the home of the best wineries in New Zealand. Its world-famous wine, the Sauvignon Blanc is something you shouldn’t miss when visiting this country.

Great vineyards cover the vastness of Marlborough area, wherein you can hop-tour across wineries and just enjoy tasting different kinds of wine on a beautiful backdrop of vine plantations. 

With a total of 23,000 hectares of vine plantings, 18,000 hectares of them are dedicated to growing Sauvignon Blanc. The whole world relies on New Zealand to provide the best of its kind, and clearly, it never disappoints.

Take Scenic Flights Across Falls, Valleys and Glaciers

The thing about New Zealand is that there is so much more to see, and some of them are best viewed from the sky. Charter a small plane or a helicopter ride and experience the great landscapes New Zealand has to offer.

Some of the most famous spots that offer the best views are Milford Sound, Franz Josef Glacier, Aoraki / Mount Cook, and White Island. From best views of the great falls in Milford Sound to the constantly changing glaciers at Franz Josef Glaciers, you can tick off the best vacation that you’ve ever experienced in New Zealand.

Kayak Along Beaches, Rapid Rivers, and Hidden Coves

The best way to enjoy views across small bodies of water is through kayaking.

Discover forests and sheltered beaches when you tour around Abel Tasman National Park via a kayak ride. You will have a one-of-a-kind experience that balances the gems of the land and the ocean.

Another place to tour with a kayak is the Marlborough Sound which offers day and nighttime guided kayak tours. Mountains, waterfalls and wildlife are abundant in this part of New Zealand.

The mecca of watersports, which includes kayaking, is Lake Taupo. Experience paddling through ancient Maori rock carvings, volcanic hot pools, gushing waterfalls and white water rapids.

Cathedral Cove found in Coromandel Peninsula is also a must-visit if you’ll be riding a kayak. It’s a small cove that can’t be entered by any boat but small boating gears like a kayak. While touring it, you can also enjoy the sight of some rock formations along its fringes. If you get lucky, you might also catch dolphins swimming nearby!

See the Magical Beauty of Glow Worms 

Want to see a natural kind of magic? One of the best vacation ideas in New Zealand is touring inside caves just to witness the incredible sight of Glow Worms in their natural habitat.

Glow worms are larvae of a special kind of fly called the ‘fungus gnat’ that can only be found in New Zealand and some parts of Australia. These insects hatch their larvae inside caves, grottos and native forests that emit a beautiful glow in the dark.

Though it can be found in the damp corners of the country, you can view them perfectly in the famous Waitomo cave. You’ll see how viewing thousands of them in a dark cave while riding a boat or a kayak can be uniquely magical.

Glance on City Street Murals

For the art enthusiasts, you wouldn’t want to miss the street murals that give color to the paths, buildings, walls and city streets of Christchurch in South Island.

These are legal graffiti granted to local artists who want to share their talent via painting street murals. Now dubbed as the ‘Street Art Capital’, it has turned Christchurch into a city of stunning urban art, and has given life to its streets as well as the talents of its local artists.

As a tourist, you’ll be in awe with these stunning art murals painted across town. Today, this practice has evolved into a community of artists who share their craft, teach fellow artists, and do commissioned artworks that are recognized and honoured in the famous city and the world.

Take a Mud Bath

New Zealand is rich in geothermal wonders. Take advantage of this and try out a one-of-a-kind bath and spa experience in Rotorua’s most active geothermal park, the Hell’s Gate. Mud from geothermal pools in Hells Gate have healing properties to relax your skin.

The Maori have been using Hells Gate mud and sulphur water for 800 years. The mud’s properties give your skin proper moisture, and kills bacteria.  You can also soak in a sulphur spa to cleanse and exfoliate the skin after. After, you can dip in a cool pool for the best natural spa experience.

If you’re not ready to dip in these geothermal pools, Hells Gate will still be a worthy option. You can do a geothermal walk and discover bubbling pools of mud and geysers around the park.

Witness a Geyser Eruption

Geysers are abundant in the North Island part of New Zealand. When visiting this country, seeing a geyser erupt is one of the most wonderful things you can do with a group of friends or family.

Lucky for you because the largest geyser in the hemisphere is located right in NZ’s rich lands. Pohutu Geyser is the largest active geyser in the southern hemisphere. Its eruptions happen about twenty times a day, which lasts between ten to twenty minutes. It’s located in Whakarewarewa Thermal reserve where other sixty-plus geysers can be seen.

Soak in a Hot Spring

Of its many geothermal qualities, soaking in a hot spring probably is the most relaxing thing you can do during your vacation in New Zealand. The good news– some of these relaxing hot springs can be enjoyed by any tourist for free!

If you’re looking for a budget hot spring experience, look for the natural ones across the North Island, specifically in Rotorua. 

The catch though, some of them would need to be worked out a bit. But for the experience of it, why not? In Coromandel Peninsula, you can actually dig your own hot spring in Hot Water Beach!  

Just outside the Wai-O-Tapu Geothermal Park, you’ll find a hot pool under a road bridge. This proves how crazy Rotorua’s geothermal activities are. 

A hot spring is one– but have you ever heard of a hot waterfall? At Spa Park located in Taupo, you can experience that all for free! Be careful though because the temperature of a gushing hot water is not for everyone.

Off the shore of Auckland is Great Barrier Island where a hidden natural hot spring is located. A lot of these hot pools can also be found across the island. If you want to tour this place, it’s just  a ferry or plane ride away from Auckland.

Relive a Movie Scene in Hobbiton

We don’t know about you, but reliving an epic movie scene in the very grounds where it was shot is worth any New Zealand trip. If you’re with your family and a group of kids, Hobbiton should be included in your vacation ideas list.

Enjoy the lush pastures of the Shire and relive the famous Lord of The Rings movie where it was actually shot. You’ll be riding on their exclusive Hobbiton coaches while touring the Hobbit Holes, the Mill, and the Green Dragon Inn where you’ll be served a special beverage to top off the end of your Middle-Earth trip.

Explore the 10 Great Walks of New Zealand

New Zealand got all the unique vacation ideas and the perfect spots for those. One thing you can’t miss while travelling here is the hike. There are plenty of reasons why you should hike on the famous trails you can only find here.

These 10 Great Walks of New Zealand will serve as the best hiking guide recommended for all types of hikers. 

Lake Waikaremoana

Rainforest, waterfalls, secluded beaches and the bird’s songs as the perfect musical background as you hike, you’ll fall in love with the Lake Waikaremoana track. 

The walk is also rich in culture and history of the place. This 46-kilometer moderate track can be traversed in 4-5 days.

Tongariro Northern Circuit 

Landscapes at Tongariro Northern Circuit include volcano craters filled with stunning emerald lakes, waterfalls, and different types of wildflowers. This track follows the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, which is one of the most famous in the world.

It can be completed in a 4-day hike, with an intermediate difficulty level. Best time to visit this place is from October to late April.

Whanganui Journey

Steep valleys make this track memorable. Whanganui Journey also lets you cruise the different rapids of Whanganui River via a kayak or a canoe.  

It’s also one of Maori’s prized heritage as one of its huts is a marae or a Maori’s meeting place. It’s a 145-kilometer journey that can take you 3-5 days to complete.

Abel Tasman Coast Track

Easiest to access is the Abel Tasman Coast Track which features the stretch of pristine white-sand beaches. If you’re more of a beach person, hiking it gives the view of crystal clear waters, and a rich wildlife.

It’s one of the easiest tracks. It’s 51 kilometers long which can take you around 5 days to finish.

Heaphy Track

Diverse and unique landscapes will surprise you at the Heaphy Track. It’s a fusion of the dense rainforests and the pristine shores of the West Coast. 

Native birds are abundant in its forests. You can spot the Tui, Weka, Kea, Kaka or Kereru taking their flights across the canopy of trees. Some of the tourists even spot the elusive Kiwi during their hike! 

This will only take about 4-6 days, but with the landscapes you can find here, you might linger a  little longer.

Kepler Track

Glacier-carved valleys, mountains and tussock lands will take your breath away in Kepler Track. The hike starts and ends at the outside of Te Anau.

You will be astounded with the views of lakeshores and mountaintops from afar. You can also explore some limestone caves during this 4-day walk.

Milford Track

The most famous among them is the Milford Track, as it’s best known for having New Zealand’s tallest waterfall, the Sutherland Falls. 

Hike through lush rainforests, and calm rivers as you end up emerging into the famous fiord or Milford Sound. This is an easy to intermediate track which you can finish in 4 days.

Routeburn Track

Mountainous peaks draped in rainforests awaits you at the Routeburn Track. You’ll be in awe with the ice-capped mountain views as you hike along its trails great for beginners and intermediate level hikers.

Rakiura Track

The best way to tour around Stewart Island is to take the Rakiura Track. Walk along the stretch of sandy beaches and subtropical rainforests that house hundreds of birds in the region. It’s a 32-kilometer travel with a mid-level difficulty.

Paparoa Track

The last track to complete the Great Walks is the Paparoa Track which has been recently added to the list.

Just opened in 2019, this track will take you to wild and untouched beaches, limestone landscapes and ancient forests over the Paparoa Ranges.

Totally convinced that New Zealand has all the vacation ideas you can only dream of? Time to book the next trip and visit us! 

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