Picking the Best Tolaga Bay Accommodation

Tolaga Bay is one of the best places to stay for that peaceful vacation experience away from the busy metropolitan noise. If you’re visiting for the first time, read below for quick tips and use this as your guide on choosing the best Tolaga Bay Accommodation.

Tips in Choosing an Accommodation in Tolaga Bay

tolaga bay accommodation

Compare the prices of each accommodation.

Allowing enough time to compare rates will help you determine when the rates are actually at their cheapest. Start comparing rates a few months or weeks before the date of your trip so you’ll be able to get the best deals.

With that said, here are a few pointers when comparing rates:

  • Make a list of Tolaga Bay accommodations in the area you want to visit and check the customer’s review. The reviews given to the hotel will let you know if the benefits are worth the prices offered and the overall experience of the accommodation.
  • Get the details of the room and their prices. Accommodation may be cheap, but they might provide you with lousy services and extra amenities at outrageous prices.
  • Check the amenities included in the prices and the services offered. Some accommodations might be a bit pricey, yet they don’t come with complimentary breakfast, for example. Make sure you get the details of what you’re expecting to pay for ahead of time.

Use travel websites to compare prices side by side. They can also provide you with a list of the best hotels or motels in the area, and you can filter them based on their prices.

Research what activities are offered.

Some hotels offer a shuttle service that will transport you to and from the airport or even take you to the city during the day. This type of service can help you save during the trip so you allot more money on other adventurous activities.

Look for accommodation that offers more than just your stay. For instance, there are hotels that offer tours as part of a package, which saves you from taking too much time organising your trip.

Research the location of each accommodation.

The location of where you’re staying is also essential. Book an accommodation near the attractions or sites in the Tolaga Bay area that you want to visit during the day, and that’s accessible to local transportation.

Motels with establishments like convenience stores or clinics nearby are also great.

Top 5 Accommodations in Tolaga Bay

Tudor Park Motel

The Tudor Park Motel is just a few minutes away from central Gisborne and a short drive from Gisborne to Tolaga Bay.

This place is located off the main road so expect a peaceful retreat in units designed with first-class furnishings and amenities. Each unit also has a kitchen, free WiFi connection, and parking slots in front. There’s also a playground nearby for your kids.

Tudor Park Motel offers units in one or two bedrooms to accommodate big or small groups.

Tatapouri Motor Camp

Get that exciting Tolaga bay campground experience at the Tatapouri Motor Camp. With spacious greenery and a relaxing environment right at the beachfront, the Tatapouri Motor Camp is the perfect place for camping in a tent or RV.

tolaga bay campground

The place is perfect for the whole family. Kids can play in the playground; adults can go on adventures while riding on a boat ramp. Plus, a hot shower is provided at the end of the day, completely free of charge.

Tidal Waters Log Lodge

The Tidal Waters Log Lodge is one of the best choices for that serene vacation. This place is a 10-minute drive away from Tolaga Bay and 35 minutes from Gisborne City.

With seven bedrooms and four bathrooms, the lodge can accommodate up to 24 guests. However, if you want a more private space, you can avail a one-bedroom unit from the lodge.

The location offers a variety of activities since it’s near the beach and Tolaga Bay. You can go swimming, surfing, fishing, and even hunting in the nearby forests.

Tolaga Bay Inn

The Tolaga Bay Inn is one of the best country hotels on the East Coast. It’s located along the Cook Street of Tolaga Bay and surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and attractions like the historic harbor, Cooks Cove Walkway, and the holiday park.

The Inn offers free WiFi connection and parking. They also have a bowling area, billiard hall, and golf course if you have free time.

Tolaga Bay Inn also provides rooms for smoking and non-smoking guests, and they can also accommodate travelers in big groups.

Hicks Bay Motel Lodge

The Hicks Bay Motel is one of the highly recommended Tolaga Bay accommodations among travelers. They offer an affordable place with exceptional customer service that will make you feel like a VIP guest.

Hicks bay is located in a remote area, so you get a more quiet stay. Plus, they’re complete with facilities like shops, restaurants, and bars.

The motel offers self-catering bedrooms and other rooms like a Queen studio with the choice of an ocean view. If you’re a solo traveler or a backpacker open to meet new people in your adventure, Hicks Bay also offers a Bunk room with its own bathroom.

Get a room reservation today, or you can book online!

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