The Best Summer Activities in Hicks Bay, New Zealand

Ah, summer, the happiest season of the year! Never let one summer pass without making the most of it. If you’re looking forward to the best summer of your life, Hicks Bay, New Zealand might just be the perfect place for that.

Think fun water activities under the hot summer sun, walking off-the-road trails and sipping your hot coffee with a view of the beach and mountains. These are just some of the many reasons why you should plan a summer stay in Hicks Bay, New Zealand.

Ready to get the fun started? These summer activities will blow your mind!

Camp around East Cape

The best way to explore the wonders of nature is by living a day surrounded by it. Hicks Bay, New Zealand is a place where untouched wildlife and nature sanctuaries are preserved for the benefit of all. 

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Escape the easy life for a moment. Set off a tent and breathe in the fresh summer air surrounded by the splendid views where you can camp the night out. You can find camping sites just about everywhere in Hicks Bay. If you’re into a freedom camping type, pick a spot around East Cape.

You can camp around the beaches of  Turihaua, Pouwawa, Waihau, Tolaga Bay, Kaiaua, Tokomaru Bay or Waipiro. But if you just want to pitch a tent and enjoy the great view of Hicks Bay, you can do so on the very grounds of Hicks Bay Motel Lodge.

Hike to the falls

A trip to Hicks Bay, New Zealand is never complete without going on a hike. There are a number of great hiking spots in the area fit for any type of traveler.

One of the most popular hiking destinations is the Wairere Falls. It’s a one-hour medium to easy walk that will bring you to the top of the tallest waterfalls in New Zealand. The trail is a bit slippery but is well-maintained by the locals in the area. The trail got man-made stairs and bridges for tourists to pass by.

Upon reaching the top, you’ll find mesmerizing views from afar. You can also cool down on the small streams and take a splash in the bodies of water surrounding the area. 

Watch the first sunrise

Make your experience more memorable by watching the very first sunrise to ever touch the earth. This is what Hicks Bay, New Zealand is known for, and definitely should top your to-do lists.

You can watch the best view of the first sunrise from either of the three famous spots: Mount Hikurangi in the city of Gisborne, Wainui Beach where you can also catch some waves after, and the East Cape Lighthouse which is the nearest in the area. 

Either of these places, catching the sunrise in Hicks Bay will be one of the highlights of your stay.

summer hike in New Zealand

Give White Water Rafting a try

If there’s one place in New Zealand where summer adventures are aplenty, it’s in Rotorua. If you’re the fearless type, never miss this place when traveling to New Zealand.

Thrill-seekers will genuinely find White Water Rafting a great summer experience. Rotorua has the perfect white water rafting spot for people who love some action. We can help you arrange a ticket to RaftAbout Water Adventure where all of the fun white water rafting adventures are happening.

Ride on the Zorb Globe

If you’re with the kids, you can also let them on a little fun adventure in Rotorua that can be more apt for them, safety-wise. Zorb Globe Riding is another fun water activity fit for both kids and adults.

Experience rolling down the hilly terrains while inside an inflatable zorb. You’re going to feel like a hamster on wheels, except your big zorb will be filled with water inside. You’ll be thrown in all places, splashed with water and tumbled over. It’s one adventure worth the visit!

Experience Rocksliding

For another mind-boggling adventure, try Rock Sliding in Rere Rock Slide just a few minute’s drives from Gisborne.

Experience the thrills as you ride along the rocky slide, slope through the slippery ride, and just have the best time of your life! Just remember to put on the proper gear to ensure a safe experience. 

Whether you’re the nature-loving type, or someone who’s always down for action, Hicks Bay New Zealand got the best activities for the best summer of your life. Book with us and let us help you plan a summer vacay you’ll never forget.

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