The Best Breakfast in Auckland that You Shouldn’t Miss

They said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But for some, mornings are best spent in bed to rest after a tiring night. However, when you are in New Zealand, the best breakfast in Auckland is one of the things to look forward to. It will comfort you and keep you getting ready for the day.

When you visit New Zealand, you will see vast plantations of different fruits and vegetables. So what you see in the field will be the one to serve on a plate in the morning, especially in Auckland. And so, do not miss the chance and go through the list and taste the best breakfast in Auckland.

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The Best Breakfast Restaurants in the City Center

Breakfast is never complete without pancakes or crepes. In Auckland City, you will find cafes that serve these breakfast dishes.

Odettes Eatery

The place opens at 7 in the morning for weekdays and 8 AM on weekends. The Odettes serves a delicious breakfast menu for solo travelers and is also available for sharing plates.

In Odettes Eatery, you can taste all types of breakfast, from pasties, egg dishes, and bacon to their best-selling lemon pancakes. They have their banana loaf topped with berries or dates and a perfect match to their house coffee or hot chocolate.

If you are into light meals, they have steel-cut oats with either blueberry compote or vanilla creme. And if you love meat in the morning, you can choose grilled leek, smoked fish with eggs.

William’s Eatery

The William’s Eatery is in Daldy St in Auckland City. With only $16 to $20, you can have the best breakfast in the city. They serve well-cooked scrambled eggs and pancakes. The best-sellers are granola, peach coconut yogurt, blueberry, and pistachios pancakes.

William’s Eatery also serves mouth-watering pancakes and waffles. You can try their corn waffles, sweetened with caramelized strawberry and mascarpone maple.

Remedy Coffee

If you are the type of person who loves to sit comfortably with a book while enjoying a good coffee in the morning, then Remedy Coffee is the place for you. You can also enjoy the refreshing air in the area. So, grab a stool and sit outside the cafe with the best coffee in the city while watching people pass by.

Remedy Coffee also serves breakfast burritos, toasted wrap, and homemade refried beans. These are perfect to start your day before heading on to see different sites in the City.

Best Ugly Bagels

You may have your bagels in the country you are from, but it is satisfying to take the Auckland version of bagels from the Best Ugly Bagels. It is a Montreal-style bangle and is manhandled.

The Ugly Bagels serves the best bagels in the city. And for as low as $18, you can taste New Zealand’s finest bagels. So, get your taste of the Ugly Bagels and pair it with your favorite morning drink.

The Store

Located at Gore St in Britomart, the restaurant serves breakfast at 630 in the morning. The Store is inspired by western culture. That is why you can see outdoor seating available. So you can enjoy the morning with a good breakfast while you enjoy the fresh air in the area and watch the locals starting their day.

The plates they served are from the produce from the local gardeners and farmers. Their bread is fresh daily so that you can enjoy it with the pleasing aroma of coffee. Their best-selling meals for breakfast are chili salsa verde, almond, halloumi, courgette, and smashed eggs. It is served in a lovely plating presentation.


Do you love organic coffee and fresh meals? Then don’t miss to visit the Scarecrow. Located exactly at the heart of Auckland City, the Scarecrow is known for its delicious breakfast from fresh produce from the local farms and organic coffee.

If you are looking for a restaurant that serves various food from local markets and farmers, the Scarecrow is best for you. In addition, they have a long list of breakfast meals that will indeed taste great with the best-selling coffee.

Lord of Fries

Lord of Fries has series of branches in Auckland. In the downtown area, they are located along with the busy Commerce st. So, you can see the locals doing their morning busy days while you have your coffee and breakfast. If you stay in the uptown area, you can see their branch at St Kevin’s Arcade.

The Lord of Fries restaurant is one of the known fast-food restaurants in New Zealand, but unlike other fast-food restaurants, they serve the best vegan menu breakfast. They even have their version of a plant-based burger. So, if you are a bit concerned about overeating meat, then head to the Lord of Fries and try their best-selling vegan breakfast meals.


Located along Shortland st, the Pollen serves a delicious breakfast. If you are craving waffles or pancakes, Pollen can be a great choice if you are in the area. They also have the Smashed Avocado Toast that will satisfy your empty stomach in the morning.

Most travelers who dined at Pollen find their coffee extra-ordinary. So, do not forget to have a cup of their coffee with almond milk. If you are taking a walk or jogging within the area, do not forget to step into the lovely place of Pollen. They also have nice decor and interior to add to the relaxing atmosphere while you enjoy your breakfast.

Eight Restaurant

Do you want to experience the best buffet breakfast in the city, serving delicious meals inspired by eight different international cuisines? Then visit the Eight Restaurant. They are open to serve breakfast from 6 AM to 11 AM.

They offer a unique dining experience while enjoying delicious dishes for breakfast. So, if you are staying in Auckland Central, you might want to spend your morning with excellent coffee and pancakes.

Hicks Bay Motel and Cafe

If you are not used to dealing with a massive crowd in the morning for breakfast, stay at Hick Bay Motel and have the best breakfast in Auckland in their Cafe. You can have a reservation ahead, so you get a nice spot and see the ocean while enjoying your eggs and coffee.

The accommodation in Hicks Bay Motel is also affordable, and they serve you like a VIP. So, if you have a specific request for your breakfast, you can arrange it with their staff.

Get your room today from Hicks Bay Motel for a place to stay and wake up each day with a delicious breakfast.

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