The Most Scenic Spots to View the Sunrise in Christchurch

Many people admire New Zealand for its unspoiled beauty. This country has a lot to offer when it comes to picturesque landscapes perfect for sports and adventures. Another thing about New Zealand that attracts tourists worldwide is the plenty of locations where you can view the first sunrise, including the beautiful city of Christchurch. Even if you are not a morning person, you will be enticed to watch the magical golden hour in New Zealand. If you don’t know where to go, we’re here to give you the best places to watch the sunrise in Christchurch.

sunrise in Christchurch tomorrow

Sunrise in Christchurch: Where to Go?

Watching the sunrise is one of the best ways to start your day. But, you have to make sure that you’re in a good spot to enjoy the spectacular view of the golden hour. If you are around Christchurch, you’re lucky enough because this location offers some of the best scenic spots where you can watch the sunrise. Make sure to remember the following places and don’t forget to watch the sunrise in Christchurch tomorrow:

  1. Hoon Hay Scenic Reserve 

    If you want a place where you can watch the sunrise all by yourself, Hoon Hay is the best spot to go. Only a few people know this place so you can guarantee that it is not overcrowded for locals and tourists. You can visit this place if you want to perform yoga or meditation while waiting for the sun to rise. Another reason to go to Hoon Hay is its accessibility compared to other locations.

  2. New Brighton Pier 

    New Brighton Pier is another scenic spot to watch the sunrise in Christchurch. But aside from being a breathtaking destination, this place is where you can meet friendly locals who love to greet visitors. When you visit this place, you can drink a cup of coffee under the golden hour, exercise, or have a friendly talk with the locals here.

  3. Port Hills 

    Suppose you want some adventure, Port Hills could be an ideal destination. Not only does it allow you to watch the beautiful sunrise in Christchurch, but it also offers exciting activities like mountain biking, hiking, and gondola riding. You can also have an exciting road trip up to the mountain where you get a glimpse of the place’s astounding view. Prepare your camera because this spot is also the place where you can take panoramic shots of the whole city of Christchurch.

  4. Witch Hill 

    Witch Hill is another excellent destination to watch the sunrise in Christchurch tomorrow. This place is located at the top of Rapaki rock, a war memorial that offers an impressive view over Christchurch. Watch Hill is not only an ideal place to see the sunrise, but it is also perfect for watching the sunset.

Are you excited to watch the sunrise in Christchurch tomorrow? You can make your sunrise experience even better when you visit the said locations together with your loved ones. You can also bring some food so that you can eat breakfast under the magical golden hour. But make sure not to leave any mess in the area to protect nature and keep its natural beauty. Besides eating breakfast, you can also do some yoga and meditation here or exercise to have a productive morning.

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