5 Traveling Tips To Visit The World’s First Sunrise

The world’s first sunrise: New Zealand's East Cape Want to experience the world’s first sunrise: New Zealand’s East Cape? Make sure you plan your trip right ahead.

The World’s First Sunrise: New Zealand’s East Cape

East Cape is the easternmost point of New Zealand’s North Island. It’s the first place in the world that experiences the first sunrise each day. Thousands of tourists come to experience this alone.


Here are our travel tips for tourists who want to visit this amazing place:


  • Plan ahead – Before traveling to the place, make sure you have already planned the trip. Ensure you have proper accommodation and you have plane tickets back and forth.


  • Accommodation – Choose accommodation that’s closer to the East Cape Lighthouse. To see the first sunrise, you have to wake up earlier. The closer you are to the place, the easier it is to travel.


  • Plan your itinerary – What’s after the world’s first sunrise: New Zealand’s East Cape? Why not try out a few sights and adventure around East Cape? It’s easier to plan your itinerary ahead of time as well.


  • Ask – Want to find an undiscovered gem? Looking for a cheaper restaurant? Ask a local. They know the place like the back of their hand. It’s easy to find new things when you just know how to ask nicely.


  • Walk around – Want to save money while in New Zealand? Walk or rent a bike when the destination is close. You’re surrounded by wonderful scenery. The walk will be worth it.


Everyone can the world’s first sunrise: New Zealand’s East Cape. These are wonderful areas where all your stress will fade away. It’s a beautiful and peaceful place.

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