Things to Do in Waikaremoana Holiday Park: Backpackers’ Guide

Known for its beautiful mountains and lakes, New Zealand is the best place to visit when you want to unwind and connect with nature. One of the places in the country that you must not miss is the Waikaremoana Holiday Park.

The holiday parks offer great adventures that will surely make your vacation memorable and extraordinary. It is the best place to escape from the busy metropolitan life and just be free.

Things to Do in Waikaremoana Holiday Park

  1. Boating.
    The place offers a great boating experience. You can rent boats that can bring you to the other side of the island or the caves of the Waikaremoana.
  2. Fishing.
    Add angling to your bucket list and to-dos in Waikaremoana while on vacation. Lake Waikaremoana offers hobbyists the joy of fishing using rods. But you need to inquire about license and local regulations before embarking on this activity onsite.
  3. Kayaking and canoeing.
    Businesses around the lake offer canoes for rent that you can use. So, do not miss the fun of rowing a canoe and enjoy it with friends and family.
  4. Swimming.
    There are areas in the lake that are recommended for swimming. Make sure to watch the signs or ask the locals for an excellent spot to swim. The staff in your hotel can also provide you with reliable information about where you can have a good swim.
  5. Tramping.
    One of the highlights of your stay would be the 3 to 4 days of walking through the forest and grassland surrounding the lake.

Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk

Many tourists find the Waikaremoana Great Walk a refreshing activity in the holiday park. It has become a recreational activity, and for others, a spiritual purpose.

The Waikaremoana Great Walk involves rigorous hiking into the 44-kilometer tramping track. The participants have to walk through several forests and grasslands surrounding the lake. So, you will have a good view of the lake once you are already on the highlands.
Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk

Places you can pass and stopovers

  1. Onepoto and Panekire Hut
    The starting point is a former Armed Constabulary Redoubt. This involves climbing to the Panekire Bluff on the southern shore. Once you are on the top, you can have an overview of the lake. This is an 8-km walk that may take up to 5 hours.
  2. Waiopaoa Hut and Campsite
    After climbing and descending to the range of Panekire, you will arrive in a much wetter forest with the tallest trees. The end of the field leads to the Waiopaoa campsite. The trail is 7.6km and walking would take 3 to 4 hours.
  3. Korokoro Campsite
    Before reaching the next campsite, you have to take a short walk to pass through the 10m to 20m grassland and forest. After that, you will pass the Korokoro river and falls. Walking would take up to 1.5 hours.
  4. Maraunui Campsite
    From the Korokoro Campsite, you have to walk 6.8km, which may take approximately 2.5 hours. Along the way, you will pass through the forest and pass through the areas of private lands until you reach the Maraunui inlet. From the edge of the inlet, you will see a small path that will lead you to the campsite.
  5. Marauti Hut and Campsite
    After a short stay at the Maraunui Campsite, you will pass through the grassy area to Marauti Hut and Campsite. Then, you have to climb over to the Whakaneke Ridge. There will be grass all around, as most of the trails to the ridge are like this. The walk would just take 30 minutes to an hour.
  6. Waiharuru Hut and Campsite
    Before reaching the site, you will have to take a 6.2km hike that may involve a brief climb to a peninsula. Then cross the stream running through Marauiti Bay. The track is just along the shore. The duration of the walk is approximately two hours.
  7. Tapuaenui Campsite
    The walk to this campsite is more challenging. The track is parallel to the shore so you will see the beauty of the lake while you climb and descend to the Puketukutuku Peninsula.
  8. Whanganui Hut
    The last campsite to the Whanganui Hut is a 3.2km walk that would take up to 1 hour. You will be following a trail that passes through the forest and along the shore. You will have the same view as you walk from Tapauenui to the Whanganui Hut.
  9. Hopuruahine
    From the Whanganui Hut, you have to walk 2.7 km for up to 2 hours. During the whole walk, you will cross the grassy site of Hopuruahine River and then to Hopuruahine bridge, which is a few steps to the access road.

The start and the end of the track are on highways, so the trampers may ride the local bus or shuttle boats. The organizers may provide these, but if you are up for more adventure, you may choose not to go with others and sail your way back to your campsite or place of accommodation.

Most trampers complete the fantastic walk in 3 to 4 days, but they can rest in huts and tents. These huts and tents have no electricity and have no cooking facilities, so make sure you carry the things you need.

Things to Bring for the Great Walk

  1. Personal Stuff
    Water enough for 3 to 4 days
    Sleeping bags to use for comfortable nights
    Insect repellent
    First aid medicines
    A survival kit that contains whistles, flashlights, map, paper, pencils, map, or compass
    Lighter or matches (must be in a waterproof sealed container)
  2. Clothing
    Set of clothes for a walk and another set for the night
    Booths or walking shoes
    Raincoats in case it rains
    Warm hats
    Extra socks and underwear
  3. FoodSince you will only be spending a few days, bringing lightweight backpacking food gives more convenience and enjoyment to the trip.

    If you prefer eating hot foods, you can bring a portable stove and fuel. You can then cook instant noodles, soap, or rice. You can also bring your favorite drinks (energy drinks) if you like in case you need thirst quenchers. But for places like these, bottled water is a handy provision.

Staying in Waikaremoana Holiday Park

The Waikaremoana Holiday Park is surrounded by different inns, motels, and huts that provide accommodations for trampers. Find a comfortable place to stay where you can rest from the busy and tiring activities.

Waikaremoana Holiday Park

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