Top New Zealand Spots to Witness the Sunrise Today

The best view in the morning is when the sunrise today from the horizon, producing breathtaking colors that reflect the ocean or lake. Do not miss to experience the serenity of the morning sun and breeze if you are on vacation in New Zealand.

Do you know that sunrise is recorded to be seen first on the eastern coast of New Zealand, particularly Gisborne? The sunrise today displays its magnificence to the City before it extends its rays to the other parts of the world. That is why many people refer to Gisborne as the land of the first light.

Know the sunrise direction today and catch its amazing beauty in Gisborne and experience the wonderful freshness of the day and breath of coastlines wherever you are in the top tourist spots in New Zealand.

East Cape Lighthouse

Make East Cape Lighthouse the first in your bucket of tourist spots. Most travelers love to visit the site to witness the rising sun there. The lighthouse is a wonder in itself. It is located in the easternmost part of Northern New Zealand and is only a 22km drive from Te Araroa.

Aside from the enchanting beauty of the sunrise seen around the bays of East Cape Lighthouse, you will also get to experience the challenge of climbing the 700-step stairway. That is, if you’re up for more rewarding adventures, you will catch the full view of the sun on time.

Anaura Bay

Get your camera ready and take the breathtaking 90-minute drive to Anaura Bay from the City. Along the way, you will notice a picture-worthy scene as the light of the sun peeks from the horizon.

The bay is small but creates a calming mood because of the trees and bushes surrounding it. It gives a sort of connection with nature. You will love the scenery along the way, and by the time you reach the bay, the sun has already risen and gives you a welcoming atmosphere.

Wainui Beach

Located north of Gisborne City, the beach has soft white sand that will surely make your morning a relaxing one as you walk by the bay with your naked feet.

If you love cycling, the place has a 6-km cycle trail. So, you can start your day with good exercise by biking early while the sun is rising.

Wainui Beach also offers recreational activities like surfing, swimming, and even fishing. So, it will be a whole day of good adventures and a relaxing holiday. Do not forget to take a photo of yourself with the beautiful sunrise as your background.

Mt Hikurangi

The sun rises at different times. That is why it is recommended that you keep track of the sunrise time today to satisfy your longing to feel the warm rays of the sun in the morning.

Mt Hikurangi is one of the best spots where you can see the first light. It has sacred carvings that shaped the history of the ancient settlers of the land. The presence of historical figures combined with the natural beauty of sunrise creates positive vibes that make you feel relaxed and at peace.

Kaiti Hill

Kaiti Hill is where the sunrise direction today. So, if you want to see the sun rising, head to Kaiti Hill. You can reach the top of the hill by car, but you can do cycling or even walk your way up if you are up for some recreational activities. Once you are on your way up, you will see the fantastic 35-hectare forest reserves with different species of trees, plants, and flowers.

Once you reach the top, you can see the city center and the three rivers. And as the sun rises, you will be astonished by the charm it creates as the rays of the sun touch the whole City.

Sunrise’s Direction Today

The sun rises to the east and sets to the west. This has always been the sunrise direction today. Thus, the eastern part of the earth experiences the sunrise first before the western side does. Hence the reason for different time zones.

That is why when you travel, you must be familiar with when the sun rises and when it will set. Aside from the fact that you need to sync your schedule with the time, it is also remarkable that you witness the sunrise and the sunset of the country you are in.

If you are in New Zealand, it would be better to experience seeing the sun where it first rises. It will not only give you fulfillment, but it will also contribute to a great holiday experience.

Getting the Best Accommodation in Gisborne

Gisborne is one of the cities in New Zealand that you shouldn’t miss. So instead, make sure to have a day catching the sunrise and doing recreational activities the rest of the day.

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