Top Sites to Experience Sunrise Wellington

It is an overwhelming feeling of calmness if you get to see the sunrise before you start the day, especially if you are visiting another country. In New Zealand, where the first light rises, there are many places to see the rising sun. And if you are staying in Wellington, New Zealand, there are top spots that you should include in your to-go-to list if you want to witness the glowing light of the morning sun.

Seven to eight in the morning marks sunrise time wellington. So, set your alarm and start getting to the places of the best sunrise in the area.

sunrise time wellington

Castlepoint Lighthouse

Castlepoint is part of the Wairarapa region toward the east of Wellington Metropolitan. And the lighthouse is situated near the top of the Northern end of a 1km long reef.

Known as the tallest tower on the North Island of New Zealand, the Castlepoint Lighthouse is one of the best spots to catch the sunrise. The tower is 23 meters tall, and if you are in the Castlepoint center, you can reach it by boat.

Once you get to the top, you will enjoy the fascinating scenery of the ocean. You can spot sea birds from afar, and sometimes you get to enjoy seals happily swimming over the surface of the sea.

Eastern Walkway

The Eastern Walkway is a secluded seaside walk that extends along the passage of Wellington Harbor. The place is an excellent escape from the busy scene of the metropolitan, where you can have a quiet time for yourself. It will be a 2.5km walkway.

In the morning, the sun casts a glorious view that is worth a post on Instagram. A walk in the eastern walkway may not only give you a good sunrise, but you will also get to see part of the country’s stories. So, if you want a taste of history, you can take a short climb to the memorial parks along the way: Wahine Memorial Park and Ataturk Memorial.

Mount Kaukau

Mount Kaukau is the largest and also the highest hill in Wellington. It is 445 meters above sea level. You can reach the area by a 4×4 vehicle, but if you want a little adventure, you can walk all the way up.

The walk is famous among adventurous backpackers. The 5-hour walk will also give you an astounding view below. And once you are at the top, you can witness the panoramic view of the region as the sun’s brilliance touches the ocean.

The place has picnic tables where you and your family can sit and eat together while enjoying the heat of the sun. Furry members of the family are also allowed, so, bring your pet with you for a picture-perfect scene.

Massey Memorial

In the Halswell, Miramar Wellington’s hilltop lies the Massey memorial built to commemorate the former prime minister who ruled the country from 1912 to 1925. The memorial is a unique building that is made of marble and granite.

The Massey Memorial is a great place to see the Sunrise Time Wellington. The hilltop will give you a good view over Wellington Harbour. As the sun rises, the rays create a great color that shines over the mountain and touches the sea. So, don’t forget to bring with you your camera and capture the marvelous sight.

Mount Victoria

Mount Victoria is a 196-meter hill above the city. It is one of the places where you can have a good view of the city center, the hills, and the harbor. You will see the stunning beauty of the ferries and sea vessels in the harbor from the top. You can also witness how the planes are flying in and out of the city airport.

Mount Vic, as locals call it, is considered mount Wellington sunrise. Staying on the hilltop in the morning will give you a lovely view of the sun as it rises over the mountains. You and your family can also have a picnic in the area, so don’t forget to bring some food.

mount wellington sunrise Time

Wellington Cable Car

Experience the beauty of sunrise while comfortably sitting in the cable car overlooking the city. While the cable car is on the move, you will have a panoramic view of the harbor to enjoy seeing the cruise and ship sailing. You can also see the city’s botanical gardens, space, and the Cable Car museum.

Get a ticket and take a ride and experience the quiet moment as the sun shines over Wellington and lights up the harbor and the mountains.

Te Ahumairangi Hill

Looking for a quiet place for a me-time in a foreign country, get to the top of Te Ahumairangi Hill, where you can be at peace while witnessing the sunrise.

Te Ahumairangi Hill was formerly known as Tinakori Hill. Most visitors and locals that long for a day of adventure come to the hill and walk through one of the trails in Te Ahumairangi. The elevation is situated above Thorndon, in the Town Belt.

Give yourself a chill time before starting the day. Then, sit on the top and enjoy the beauty of the sunrise as it illuminates the city harbor to the Pencarrow.

Where to stay in Wellington?

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