Visiting the Iconic Hicks Bay Wharf

iconic Hicks BayVisiting the Iconic Hicks Bay Wharf


The iconic Hicks Bay Wharf may be old and run-down, but this iconic feature of the Hicks Bay landscape is still quite a sight to behold. While the wharf has been closed to the public for years, it still draws thousands of visitors and locals to the area.


Why should you visit the Hicks Bay Wharf?


Apart from being an important fishing spot (and access to food source) for the locals, the Hicks Bay Wharf offers visitors an interesting insight into the history of the area. Near the wharf, you’ll find a number of old importing company facilities. These also tell you a lot about the area’s fascinating history.


Though the rickety old wharf has been closed for a while now due to its condition, locals and tourists still like to stroll along its boards and go fishing at the very end.


If you’re in the area, a visit to the Hicks Bay Wharf is well worth the drive down the narrow road that leads to it. It’s a good spot to stretch your legs, explore, chat with the friendly locals, and fish, if you’re keen. The views from the Hicks Bay Wharf are stunning and make for some amazing photos.


A new wharf?


For decades, the Hicks Bay Wharf has provided locals and visitors a place to spend time with loved ones, to play, to take walks, to fish, and to make lasting memories.


Unfortunately, the current wharf is in need of major repairs. Local officials have announced plans to build a new wharf in the bay. There have also been fundraising efforts to restore the existing wharf.


On your next visit to the East Cape, make sure you include a stop at the Hicks Bay Wharf to see it in its original state.

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