Whangarei Accommodation: Places to Visit in Whangarei

If you are in New Zealand or planning to visit the country, one place you should not forget is Whangarei. It is the country’s most northern city, which serves as the entry point to the Bay of Islands. Whangarei is popular for Mount Parahaki and Whangarei Falls. But aside from these tourist destinations, there’s more to love about the city. If you want to visit Whangarei, make sure to book the nearest Whangarei accommodation since it is almost three hours from Auckland.

Whangarei accommodation - Whangarei holiday park

Where to Go in Whangarei

Whangarei is a humble and thriving city in New Zealand. Travelers and adventures across the globe admire the city for its vibrant arts community. Here, you can find the Quayside, a perfect spot to relax at a cafe while watching the boats from afar. Tourists know Whangarei as a city of unique culture and thrilling adventures. If you want to witness the city’s natural beauty and enjoy the exciting adventures it offers, you may explore the following places:

  1. Discover the Abbey Caves.Once you are out of your chosen Whangarei holiday park, make sure to plan your trip to the Abbey Caves. The Abbey Caves Reserve is a stunning natural mix of native bush and limestone rocks. You may follow the walking paths here to take you to the three main caves – Organ, Middle, and Ivy. What makes the reserve one of the tourists’ favorites is the glow worms that look like sparkling stars in the dark.
  2. Observe one of New Zealand’s breathtaking coastlines. When you book a Whangarei accommodation, don’t forget to visit Bream Head Scenic Reserve, where you can see the country’s spectacular coastlines. Get a view of the area where you can see the dramatic ridgeline and stunning blue waters. The exciting part is that Maori previously occupied the place. You can even find the remnants which are still visible today.
  3. Reach the summit of Mount Parihaka. If you want to have an overlooking view of the city, you may head to the summit of Mount Parihaka. You don’t need to be an expert hiker or mountain climber because pleasant and guided walks can help you reach the summit through the native forest. Visiting Mount Parihaka allows you to see the most extensive Maori Pa excavations, a forfeited village in New Zealand.
  4. Taste local delicacies at the Whangarei town. Aside from affordable Whnageri accommodations, the city also offers lovely restaurants where you can dine in. The city is the center for eating and entertainment, so you don’t need to worry about where to eat because you can find many shopping centers and bistros here.
  5. Witness Whangarei’s arts and culture at the City Centre Street Art. Whether you are an artist or not, you will surely be in awe of Whangaeri’s unique arts and culture. Discover the 15 large-scale art murals in the City Centre Street Art or find other exciting artworks at the Hundertwasser Art Centre and Wairua Maori Art Gallery. Don’t forget to bring your camera to have some photo-ops in these places because they are indeed worth your Instagram feeds.

New Zealand is fun to visit because this country provides picture-perfect locations for different types of adventures. If you want to reach a mountain’s summit, view amazing coastlines, or explore beautiful caves, you can do all of these things at Whangarei. If you are visiting this place soon, make sure to choose the best Whangarei accommodation to get the most out of your trip.

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