What Time Does the Sun Rise in Auckland?

Like the sunset, the sunrise is also a spectacular view to behold. Some people who love watching the golden hour wake up early in the morning just to see the beautiful sunrise. Compared to sunset, it takes more effort to view the sunrise because not all people are early risers. And if you’re one of them, there are many reasons to wake up early in the morning and wait for the sun to rise. But since countries have different time zones, it is also essential to know what time does the sun rise in your place.

What Time Does the Sun Rise in Auckland

Sunrise Auckland: When Does It Happen?

Not all people have the opportunity to watch the sunrise or sunset because some live in places where the view is blocked by skyscrapers. Good thing there’s a lot of places in New Zealand where you can view the golden hour. But before you choose the best location, it is essential to know what time does the sun rise in Auckland. This way, you can plan for your next trip and avoid missing the breathtaking view.

Sunrise and sunset can be viewed in multiple locations and you could be seeing them in your favorite spot. However, the time they happen is uncertain. Sunrise and sunset’s time may vary from day to day. Although you can expect a few minutes for the time difference, still, you may need to know the exact time so that you will not miss it. On February 1st, 2021, the sunrise in Auckland started at 6:36. Every day, a minute is added to determine the exact time of the sunrise. From 6:36, it became 6:37 on February 2, 6:38 on February 3, and so on.

Kindly look at the table below to see the sunrise and sunset in Auckland for the whole month of February 2021.


February Sunrise Sunset
1 6:36 20:32
2 6:37 20:31
3 6:38 20:30
4 6:39 20:29
5 6:40 20:28
6 6:41 20:27
7 6:42 20:26
8 6:44 20:25
9 6:45 20:24
10 6:46 20:23
11 6:47 20:22
12 6:48 20:21
13 6:49 20:20
14 6:50 20:19
15 6:51 20:17
16 6:52 20:16
17 6:53 20:15
18 6:54 20:14
19 6:55 20:13
20 6:56 20:11
21 6:57 20:10
22 6:58 20:09
23 6:59 20:08
24 7:00 20:06
25 7:01 20:05
26 7:02 20:04
27 7:03 20:02
28 7:04 20:01


Watching Sunrise in Auckland at Hicks Bay

Aside from knowing what time does the sun rise in Auckland, you might also ask where you can have the best view of the golden hour. Bastion Point, East Coast Beaches, One Tree Hill, and Takapuna are some of the best places to wait for the morning and see the sunrise in Auckland. If you are considering these places, make sure to plan your activities aside from sunrise viewing. You may search for nearby tourist destinations, restaurants, and accommodations.

On the other hand, if you want to stay in Hicks Bay, you may consider Hicks Bay Motel to watch both the sunrise and sunset because it is set 250 meters above sea level in the Maori Reserved Land. While waiting for the golden hour, you will be amazed at the natural waterways and beautiful Pacific ocean vistas. Hicks Bay Motel also offers stunning landscape settings that can provide tranquility. Staying here is a perfect opportunity to keep yourself away from the busy cities, enjoy watching sunrises and sunsets, and have a peaceful vacation.

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