When’s The Best Season To Visit New Zealand?

Travelling places has a lot of great perks if you know when’s the best time to do it. In New Zealand, travelling in the best seasons of the year will make for the perfect itinerary.

However, there’s a lot to consider when travelling to New Zealand that can ruin your trip like extra tour charges, unpredictable weather, and seasonal closures. But with the right planning, your travel adventure will surely be one for the books!

If you’ll be staying in New Zealand this year, we’ve got great tips for you!

Cheapest Month to Fly to New Zealand

If you’re flying to get to New Zealand, it’s ideal to find the cheapest route. Plane tickets can be a tad more expensive during the peak months.

The cheapest month to fly to New Zealand is March. Ticket prices peak at the months of April, May and June. A lot of people will be visiting so there will be more crowds in airports and ticket counters. That’s why it’s ideal to book at least four weeks before departure.

Peak Season Months

Busy months start from December and ends in February. Tourists usually travel between these months since it’s the Summer season in New Zealand. Locals would also add in to the crowd, using their summer vacation to tour the best places.

While New Zealand’s got so many places in store for you, tourist spots may get a little crowded during the peak months. If you’re not into travelling with a bunch of crowds, better choose the low seasons– you might also score the cheapest accommodation!

If you’re travelling during the peak months, you can also avoid the crowds by going to places that are less travelled by tourists. But since it’s harder to reach them via public transport, it’s best to rent a private car during your travel. There are so many great places in New Zealand that can take you away from the crowded areas.

Be Informed of the Seasonal Closures

Seasonal closures can be a bit of a bummer when travelling. That’s why you have to keep yourself well-informed about this, especially if you’re eyeing a particular place.

Depending on the season, climates, and sea conditions, there will be some activities that might be closed off during your travel dates. For example, sea kayak activities in Abel Tasman National Park are usually closed during the months May to December. Some overnight cruise routes may only be available from October to May. 

When touring New Zealand, do your research or ask tour and travel consultants to help you during your trip. Some hotel accommodations can also help you out on this since they are locals in the area.

Hiking is Best During These Months

Outdoor activities are a lot in New Zealand. If you’re into hiking and camping, stay during the months that are perfect for it.

Autumn is the best for hiking trips. We recommend you to visit between the months of March to May so you’ll be sure to enjoy your hiking itinerary. Since it’s late summer, there will be lesser crowds in most areas. Just be prepared to add more layers to your clothing because it can get a little chilly.

April signals the start of Autumn, so color changes in trees and forests will feel magical during your trip. Don’t forget to take photos!

If You Plan on Surfing, Visit on These Dates

While you can surf in New Zealand all year-round, there’s always the best surf swells fit for everyone. It also has different patterns of waves and swells that change all year.

Summer is the most famous time to surf for tourists. The weather is warmer, and perfect for beginners. For professionals who won’t mind the cold weather, you can visit any day of the year, beach hop around, and just follow the waves.

Accommodation Rates Drop During These Months

Back-packers will enjoy the benefits of travelling during low seasons because of accommodation prices. They’ll definitely drop prices during off-peak months and shoulder season.

Travel between Fall season (March to May) and Spring (September-November) when price surges in most accommodations won’t be a problem. Winter (June to August) can also be ideal for travellers who prefer winter activities like skiing or winter road trips. 

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