Why Book A Waiheke Island Accommodation

New Zealand is one of the countries that offers many ideal locations perfect for adventures. If you ask the locals here, they will surely recommend going to Waiheke Island. Visiting this island will let you discover why locals and tourists admire this place. Aside from the breathtaking natural sceneries, you will be hyped by the thrilling activities this island offers. Read on and discover why booking a Waiheke Island accommodation is worth your money and time.

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Get A Waiheke Island Accommodation

Waiheke Island is an ideal tourist destination for both family adventures and solo trips. So before you choose a place for your next trip, take a look at the following reasons why Waiheke Island is worth visiting:

  1. Travel with ease. 

    Though the place is on the island, going to Waiheke Island is not that difficult. You can ride regular passenger vehicles or car ferries departing from Auckland CIty. If you want to travel by boat, you can find more than 25 daily departures in downtown Auckland. You may also travel by car ferry if you’re going to bring your car with you.

  2. Achieve relaxation in Waiheke Island. Booking a Waiheke Island accommodation allows you to unwind and get a relaxing trip. There are some places on the island where you can have guided walks and outdoor adventures. Make sure to bring a camera with you so that you can capture the astounding landscapes along the way.
  3. Enjoy your “me” time. 

    Peaceful sanctuaries are also available on Waiheke Island. So if you are looking for a perfect place to meditate and find yourself, the island could be the ideal place to go. Enjoying nature’s tranquility can also help you if you have an imbalance with your circadian rhythm. Not only that, but mediation has a lot of exciting health benefits that might surprise you.

  4. Fly to your heart’s content. Are you up for a mind-blowing activity? Waiheke Island offers eco zip adventures where you can go for dual flying fox ziplines. Dare to fly smoothly side-by-side with your loved ones, be it your partner, friend, or relative, down into an existing tract of original and regenerating native forest. After the adventure, you may choose to have a scenic interpretive walk back to the base. Walking in the forest allows you to discover different local flora species and fauna available on the island.
  5. Taste one of the world’s best wines. Waiheke Island is a perfect destination for wine lovers. In this place, you can find a vineyard that offers extraordinary and ultra-premium organic wine. After a long and exciting adventure on the island, you can end the day viewing the beautiful sunset while drinking one of the world’s greatest wines. Before you leave the Waiheke Island hotels, don’t forget to twist the vineyard and have a romantic date with your dearest.

There are so many reasons to love Waiheke Island, and you have to see them yourself if you don’t want to miss these things. Besides, there are several Waiheke Island hotels where you and your family can stay. All you need is to look for a Waiheke Island accommodation near the place you want to visit or consider a place that suits your budget.

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