World’s First Sunrise at East Cape Lighthouse

Sunrise at East Cape LighthouseSee the World’s First Sunrise at East Cape Lighthouse


Fancy being the first in the world to greet a new day? If you’re visiting the East Cape, head to East Cape and never miss the sunrise at East Cape Lighthouse.


This iconic landmark sits on a hill on the most easterly point on the North Island in New Zealand. Every year, thousands of tourists and locals visit the lighthouse to watch the sunrise on a new day. There’s an 800-step trek up if you want to see the iconic lighthouse, but rest assured it’s an easy climb even for seniors.


The history of the East Cape Lighthouse


The historical East Cape Lighthouse was first built in 1900 on East Island. But because the land in its original location was unstable and the island itself was difficult to access, the lighthouse was moved to the mainland in 1922.


The East Cape Lighthouse was originally managed by three lighthouse keepers. However, the staff was reduced until the station became automated in 1985. Maritime New Zealand owns and operates the lighthouse. It is controlled from the headquarters in Wellington.


What to do there


The view from the top of Otiki Hill is spectacular. It’s a great place to take photos, to explore, or to just sit and enjoy the breeze and the breathtaking scenery. There are a number of beaches near the lighthouse if you want to take a stroll or dip your toes in the water.


Note that while the area surrounding the East Cape Lighthouse is accessible to the public, visitors cannot enter the lighthouse itself. Wear sturdy footwear and take your time on the climb up. The steps can be slippery after prolonged rain.


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