World’s First Sunrise in New Zealand’s East Cape

Where to Watch the World’s First Sunrise in New Zealand’s East Cape


One of the most fascinating things about New Zealand, and the East Cape, in particular, is that this is the first place on Earth to see the dawning of every new day. That’s right; the locals are the first humans on Earth to greet each new morning. And if you visit the East Cape, you can experience this as well!


Where to go to see the world’s first sunrise


There are a bunch of places on the East Cape from which you can watch the world’s first sunrise. On top of letting you be the first to gaze at the sun, all of these places offer a lot more in terms of one-of-a-kind activities, scrumptious food, and beautiful scenery.


Mount Hikurangi


The city of Gisborne in the first city to watch the sunrise on each new day. But if you want to be the first to see the sun, you have to put yourself above everyone else. This means climbing Mount Hikurangi, the highest non-volcanic mountain in the region. It’s a sacred site for the Maori, which means you’ll have to get in touch with the Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou before you visit.


East Cape Lighthouse


There’s a trek up to the East Cape Lighthouse on Otiki Hill, but at just 800 steps, this may be more your speed. At the top of the hill, you’ll be rewarded by not just the view of the world’s first sunrise, but by gorgeous vistas all around.


Wainui Beach


Just east of Gisborne, Wainui Beach offers prime viewing spots from which to soak up the rays of the world’s first sunrise. Head here if you’re looking to catch a wave. This place is known for its consistent surf breaks.


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