Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the swimming pool open all year round?

No. The outdoor pool opens with the summer season.

2. When is the High Season?

25 December until Anzac Day is the High Season at Hicks Bay.

3. What is the weather like in the winter?

Winter brings high winds and rain. We also have nice sunny days in between.

4. Why is there a hook in the inside and the outside of the screen doors?

In summer it is very hot and guests like the screen doors locked from the inside. During winter we get high winds and heavy rain. All doors are hook locked from the outside to prevent slamming and damage.

5. Whats the population of Hicks Bay?

Approximately 300 people.

6. What is the style of the DINNER AT SIX Restaurant?

The Restaurant is a Cafe Style Restaurant. You order at the bar. Your table number is your room number. All drinks need to be ordered from the bar along with any additional food items you might like.

7. Are there telephones in the Rooms?


8. Do you get vodafone service in Hicks Bay?


9. Do you get Telecom Cell Phone service in Hicks Bay?

No. The only place that I know of that gets Telecom Cell Phone service is at the very top of the East Cape Lighthouse.

10. Does the Cafe Style Restaurant ever close?

Yes. We close each year on 25 December. We also close if we have no bookings by 6pm each day.

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