Walking or Hiking Guide

Trekking is a wonderful way o experience the peace, serenity and splendor of East Cape on North Island

Mt. Hikurangi is the highest non-volcanic mountain on North Island at 1754m above sea level. Located north of Ruatoria, Hikurangi has great spiritual significance for the Ngati Porou people.

Bush walks can be found in Wharekahika – now known as Hicks Bay – Choppers Track – Onepoto – Giant Puriri Tree – Sunrise Lookout – Glowworm Grotto

Waihirere Waterfall is an excellent spot to enjoy, a short drive or long walk, from Hicks Bay Motel with guided tours leaving from the hotel

Adventure along the walkway to the East Cape Lighthouse, 54 metres above sea level and be the first to greet the world’s newest day. The furthest eastern point in relation to The International Dateline, where yesterday bids good bye to a new day. East Cape sits at -37.41 South Latitude & 178.33 East Longitude East Cape Lighthouse is about 20km from araroa

East Cape is a small country unto itself, with its own rules and exchange of money.
Operated in full by the cultural habits of the existing Ngati Porou and guarded by their ancestors who go anywhere in the world to get any Ngati Porou soul upon their crossing to the other side and stay with them until they are brought home to their local Maere for Buriel.
Everyone who lives on the East Cape is commited to administering these ancient rights of passage at the foot of the worlds sunrise