On Display in the Hicks Bay Motel’s shop

Hicks Bay Spiritual Artist displays her treasures in Hicks Bay Motel’s shop. She selectively walks the small quaint beaches at sunrise on the East Coast inspecting each piece by touch. Purchase a sea water blessed craft during your unique drive of the Pacific Coast Highway. A thoughtful gift that is whakapapa (family history) from the stunning East Coastal region of New Zealand.

Once selected these pieces are transformed into handmade gifts. The pieces were inspired by my Gran, Joan Lyon. She lost her sight for the last part of her life. I created these detailed intricate coastal treasures (taonga) for her to touch. Molded by the sea. The kinesthetic experience of touch and feeling the same treasure brought her and I close from afar. Each piece tells a beautiful story from my heart. My artwork is gathered from the home of the first sunrise on the planet and I pass them on with gratitude to everyone in our precious earth.

Imogen Findlay, Greenview Artist

I have lived and worked on the East Coast for twenty years after moving here with my partner Matthew Campbell. We have four children. Creating has always been part of my life, I want to share the character in nature, a simple piece of the art,here to provoke feeling and thought, to remind us of our connection to where we live and the relatively short time we have together.

Hicks Bay and the surrounding area inspire our family to continue looking after our land, which we whakapapa(have a generational) history with and expect to leave better of for our presence. A sustainable, natural environment is what I work for, conservation has always been part of my life.

Hicks Bay Motels are a good employer in our rural area, they look after our community and use local products and people. Being there provides a spectacular view of my muse from all sides. Take home a preserved piece of nature and help conserve this iconic relatively untouched Pacific Coast Highway. We are part of every season here, between the forest and the sea, there is no place I’d rather be!