Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the swimming pool open all year round?

No. The outdoor pool opens with the summer season.

Shona Hammond Boys

…my late husband was an artist, he told me of the beauty of Hicks Bay, so I went to see for myself. It was a profound experience to paint there and the highlight of my studying the light in landscapes. The paintings I made all sold quickly and people all comment on the purples, orange, gold, apricots, lavender and the deep teal and turquoise sea. The morning and evening views from the Hicks Bay Motel and its garden view over both Hicks and Onepoto Bay are world class. I found it to be like sunshine in the garden of my life. Shona

John Shanaghau

Never got to surf or go fishing. Working too hard.

Rebecca, Vicky, Scotty, Perrett

Yummy food. Great place.

John Knox Christchurch


Lyn & Nevill Wardvaw World Cup

Awesome place

Kuchukian Lydiak

Trer Bien Bon accueif – bonne cuisine – bef endisit

Terry Tours

Thank you

Joan Kerrison

Very Good Thank You

Marjovaajakari & Pori

Driving up the East Coast, nice place to stay! Cheers

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