Hicks Bay Motel Lodge

Welcome to New Zealand

We welcome you to Hicks Bay Motel Lodge which is our lovingly cared-for, 50-year-old slice of Kiwiana. As grateful guardians of this precious treasure, we wish you a pleasant and comfortable stay.

In your room

  • You may have noticed that your screen door was hooked from the outside when you arrived. This is to prevent the door slamming in high winds.
  • The daybeds in the motel units are used to sit on and sleep on. They are made up with bedding and linen. Just look under the cover to discover this.
  • The heaters in some units look like two silver speakers on top of each other.
  • We advise you to protect your food, especially sweets, from ants.

Opening hours

  • Office hours are from 8am to 8pm.
  • Motel room check-in 2pm, check-out 10am.
  • Shop and bottle store Monday to Sunday until 10pm.
  • Restaurant by reservation- 7-8am and 6-7pm.
  • Entry to the restaurant is from the decking area in the office building. The restaurant is informal. Please order at the bar.

Phone services

  • Telecom mobile services are not active in Hicks Bay. A Phone Card Box is outside the office. Cheap Chat cards can be bought in the shop for use in the card phone. Vodafone and 2degrees top-ups are available in the shop.
  • To report an emergency, dial 111.


  • Laundry- 3 x $1 coins for a wash; 4 x $1 coins for a dry; laundry powder, $1 (in shop). Individual serve hair shampoo, conditioner and scented soap -.50 cents each (in shop).
  • A small ironing board, iron, hair dryer, coffee plunge; sharp knife, strainer and grater available on request from the office. Please return all chairs, cutlery and dishes to the rooms you found them in.
  • Thank you for washing, drying and putting away your dishes, pans and cutlery. We are happy to do them for you for an additional $30 charge.
  • Hicks Bay mugs. tea shirts and hats are on Sale in the shop.
  • Freezer available for large items; flake ice machine in the shop.
  • Please leave a fish guts, scales, and bones buried near the sea where your fish was taken.

Our dog

Sandy loves to escort you to the glow-worm grotto in the dark. If you have any concerns about our dog, just let us know in reception but please don’t feed her.



Hicks Bay Motel Lodge Grounds

Hicks Bay Motel Lodge