Photo Opportunities’ Guide

Eastland has many magical places to capture your everlasting moments while feeding your soul. The Cape reaches out to the Pacific Ocean and is the furthest eastern spot … where the morning sun first breaks the horizon… of the world. There’s a picturesque quality to the scenery of Eastland, fringed misty mountain lakes and beaches that haven’t changed for hundreds of years, farmlands, vineyards and a culture that breathes the spirit of nature. You’ll experience a night sky illuminated with brilliant stars, and the occasional unidentified flying object – a hotspot in the eastern corridor, the like rarely seen. The further you travel, the more nature you experience, the more bounteos will be your everlasting moments. One of the most peaceful and tranquil regions of New Zealand, Eastland offers some of the most stunning coastal scenery in the country and night skies full of brilliant stars the like rarely seen today. Inland you will find equally stunning areas – Wilderness lakes, mountain ranges, dense forests, rivers and rolling farmland.

Hicks Bay – a quit village offering superb scenery, bush walks, rock fishing and an old wooden wharf, a wonderful to East Cape Lighthouse– New Zealnad’s most Easterly location to the International Dateline – This is where HMS Endeavor and Captain Cook spotted the bay in 1769

Te Waha-o-Rekekohu – New Zealand’s most ancient pohutukawa tree, more than 600 years old, is found in the tiny coastal settlement of Te Araroa

Tikitiki – St Mary’s Church is one of the most ornate Maori Churches in New Zealand

Mount Hikurangi – rising to a height of 1,754 metres, a very spiritual mountain for the ngati Porou, the local Maori People

..My last husband was an artist, he told me of the beauty of Hicks Bay, so I went to see for myself. It was a profound experience to paint there and the highlight of my studying the light in landscapes. The Paintings I made all sold quickly and people all comment on the purples,orange golds,apricots,lavender and the deep teal and turquoise sea. The Morning and evening views from the Hicks Bay Hotel and its gardern view over both Hicks and Onepoto Bay are World Class. I found it to be like sunshine in the Garden of my life.