Share, support, embrace one another while experiencing life’s unique adventures Together investigate new cultures, learn about exciting destinations, forge and build strong vibrant bonds in the peaceful tranquil East Cape region of New Zealand Preserve your health, share and experience life together East Cape Lose yourself in the wild untamed hills, valleys and beautifully natural beaches, while renewing your inner peace Wharekahika Now called Hicks Bay – where the HMS Endeavor led by Captain Cook and Zachariah Hicks appreared in 1769, changing the course of New Zealand history forever Bush Walks Hicks Bay offers  – Onepoto – Giant Puriri Tree – Sunrise Lookout – Glowworm Grotto. Rock Fishing from the wharf.  Fish the Wharekahika seaside while experiencing the tranquility of East Cape Coastal Country Horse Treks adventure on horseback into the unspoilt natural beauty of Hicks Bay, guided treks depart directly across from Waihirere Waterfall. Inquire with Dean at Coastal Country Matakaoa Cultural Tour Guided tours, outings and activities to historical sites will immerse you in autherntic Maori culture and ngati porou hospitality. Manuka Honey Factory “Unique Manuka Factor” indigenous to New Zealand has extraordinary healing properties not present In any other type of honey. Te Araroa Visit the 600-year-old pohutukawa tree, Te wahao-Rerekohu, the largest and oldest in New Zealand. And stop into the town art gallery, Gallery 57. Te Ruru Kainga and hunt up some unique and authentic local art East Cape Lighthouse A visit to East Cape is only complete with an adventure to the lighthouse. Travel along the foreshore to the 54 metres above sea level and be the first to greet the world’s newest day. New Zealand’s furthest eastern point in relation to the International Dateline, where yesterday says good bye to a new day. East Cape sits at -37.41 South Latitude & 178.33 East Longitude Tubular concretions Investigate ancient plumbing from the miacene – millions of years ago – era when Antartica was covered by ice and the northern continents were cooling rapidly. Tubular concretions, subsurface cold seep plumbing of Miocene Sediment can be discovered and enjoyed while taking a swim in warmth of their natural heat. More information on the physical science of this natural plumbing can be found at the Hicks Bay lounge. Tiktiki East Cape’s quaint local village where you will find the most authentic and marvellously ornate Maori church St. Mary’s in all New Zealand. MT. Hikurangi 1754m above sea level is the highest non-volcanic mountain on North Island. The Mountain has the northern most alpine vegetation and unique species in New Zealand. The mountain has great spiritual significance, photography is strictly prohibited, for the Ngati Porou people.