Live Day at the East Coast Museum of Technology – Armistice Day 11 November

East Coast Museum of TechnologyThe East Coast Museum of Technology is a unique project that is owned and operated strictly by a non-profit organisation whose volunteers are passionate about the history behind the pieces you will find on display.

Gisborne History on Display

The museum displays and demonstrates a number of historical artifacts straight out of the local Gisborne District. It’s fun to see the progression of technology as it relates to the Gisborne region. The collection includes several firehouse vehicles which were used up until they were retired in 1976.

The museum’s collection also includes vehicles and items which were used during the second World War, including a Bren Carrier and a rare Guy Ant.

Other collections include agricultural equipment, domestic household appliances, and some fun IT history.

Armistice Day 11 November – Live Day at the East Coast Museum of Technology

Live Day at the East Coast Museum of Technology is where the museum is brought to life! The fire hose is brought out and hooked up to water, army vehicles are started up to ride around the property, and you get a chance to play Pong or thresh some grain. It’s a ton of fun for families with children.

Trip Advisor Reviewers – Top 10 Things to Do in Gisborne

Trip Advisor reviewers call the East Coast Museum of Technology a hidden treasure. It has been rated as being in the top 10 of 39 things to do in Gisborne. Adult tickets are currently $10, and children tickets range from free up to $2. Check their website for more details, including hours of operations and special events.

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