White Island Tours – Walk Inside a Live Volcano Crater

White Island ToursHere’s your opportunity to step foot into a live volcano with White Island Tours. White Island Tours also offers a second touring opportunity for touring Moutohora (Whale Island), which is pest-free and a natural paradise filled with birds, reptiles, and amazing views. Both tours offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see some of New Zealand’s greatest natural treasures.

History of White Island Tours

White Island Tours was born of two former farmers, Peter and Jenny Tait, who were looking for a lifestyle change. They turned in their tractors to build a small water vessel and ventured into the fishing and diving charter business.

Peter and Jenny completed their project in 1991, which carried 6 passengers. The next year they launched a second vessel which carried 12.

One day, a client asked Jenny to take them to White Island and she obliged. This sparked the idea to add on a White Island tour option. They’ve since added more vessels and have grown from the original 6 passengers now to more than 17,000 visitors annually.

White Island Tours – Ngati Awa Group Acquisition

In 2017, White Island tours was acquired by Ngati Awa Group (along with White Island Rendezvous and White Island Café). They continue to provide the same outstanding tourism experience as the original founders, Peter and Jenny.

Dedication to Responsible Tourism Practices

White Island Tours has always been built around a deep respect for the environment and it continues to work toward total responsible tourism practices and minimising the impact on the environment. More information about their goals for responsible tourism can be found here.

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