Bellin Run John Campbell New

Hicks Bay Motel Owner John Campbell on Bellin Run New Zealand

thumbnail_te_180790250_1366720581“The Bellin Run is one of my favourite races.” states Campbell owner of John Campbell’s Hicks Bay Motel Lodge in New Zealand. “There’s just something about Wisconsin in June. ”

I’m still down under, and not out of running yet: I placed fifth in 31:17 in 1992 in the Bellin Run. It was my best finish in three appearances that year. “I want to come back and win it next year,” I said, then 44 years old and one of the best masters runners in the world. I brought along an apprentice, Callam Harland. Harland lived near me in New Zealand.

“I don’t know everything and I don’t profess to. But, hopefully, I can inspire you to love to run.” I still run every day on the beach in Hicks Bay near my eastern cape accommodation. I’ve run a variety of races all over the world and I’m building a internet museum of my memoirs. I’ve kept my running tee shirts from every race and each week you’ll find photographs of all my friends I’ve met along my incredible running career.

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