Gisborne’s 15th Annual Rhythm and Vines Festival 2017

Gisborne’s Annual Rhythm and Vines FestivalThis New Years event is for the music enthusiasts. Gisborne’s 15th annual Rhythm and Vines Festival 2017 is a 3-day festival packed with talent, fun activities, music, great food, a beer garden, and a great venue to celebrate with friends as you ring in the New Year! The Rhythm and Vines Music Festival runs from December 29 and bleeds into January 1, 2018 as you welcome the first sunrise of the new year!

New Years’ with Rhythm and Vines Festival 2017

This international attraction grew from a humble 1800 guest event the first year running, to hosting tens of thousands of guests; as many as 25,000 or more some years! An estimated 11% of ticket sales are to an international audience, and the numbers seem to grow each year as the festival gains popularity and evolves.

Talent Lineup for Rhythm and Vines Festival 2017

The talent lineup for this years’ festival features more than 90 musicians and performers! (You can also download a mobile app to keep up with news and information on the Rhythm and Vines Festival by clicking here.) The lineup is comprised of both large and local artists, as well as a comedy routine.

Yoga Rhapsody is also returning, offering an hour-long yoga session each morning at the Garden Stage where anyone can come enjoy a stretch, or just relax to the music.

More Festival Information

For more information on the Rhythm and Vines Festival 2017, including location, event times, tickets, accommodation packages, festival flare, and more, visit the official Rhythm and Vines Festival website.

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