Tairawhiti Museum And Art Gallery

Tairawhiti Museum and Art Gallery

Satisfy your inner-sophistication and history scholar by taking a visit to the newly renovated Tairawhiti Museum and Art Gallery, located on the riverbank in a beautiful park in Gisborne, about 2 hours south of the motel. During your visit to this little gem, you’ll learn about the rich history and culture of the locals as you make your way through the exhibits, which include the remains of a ship’s bridge which was found stranded on the beach. Also explore a tiny Wyllie cottage which will give you a glimpse of what everyday life might have been like living in the 19th Century colonial New Zealand. Be sure to also visit the section dedicated to the Māori people and their contribution to the Allied cause during WWII. The featured art displays are ever-changing to peek interest. For the truly serious history treasure hunters, contact Ann Milton-Tee at the museum ahead of your visit to arrange access to historical records, including old newspapers, photographs, and recordings that are not on display.

Visiting the museum as one of your first stops will also add depth and meaning to the other attractions you’ll visit on your trip, putting the region into historical context. After taking in all of the exhibits, be sure to stop by the café on your way out for a truly amazing cup of coffee and delectable treats. Their museum gift shop also features several items for you to pick up as souvenirs, including sterling silver jewelry.

Tairawhiti Museum and Art Gallery

For museum hours, visit their contact page.

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