Agrodome – A Day Trip ‘Ewe’ Won’t Want to Miss!


The Agrodome is a perfect place to spend a day on the farm exploring some of the farm culture that New Zealand is best known for. Located a mere 3 ½ hours from the motel, you’ll want to pack your family up and herd them out early!

The legendary Agrodome Farm Show is an hour packed with education and ‘shear’ entertainment! Learn about 19 very unique breeds of sheep, witness and participate in a live sheep auction, and watch the herd dogs in action as they keep those wooly creatures in-line. For those who would like to delve in further, you’ll be given an ‘udder’ chance to hop up on stage and milk a cow or feed baby lambs. After the show, enjoy access to the Farmyard Nursery where you can pet and take photos with the cute and fuzzy farm animals. And if that wasn’t enough entertainment, take a jaunt over to the herding area after the show where you can witness a live dog trial!

The Agrodome also offers a guided Farm Tour where you’ll meet many friendly animals, including pigs, alpacas, Romney sheep, deer, llamas, cattle, deer and more! Hop aboard an all-whether, all-terrain tour vehicle as you explore the fruit orchard and olive groves. They will invite you to taste their kiwifruit juice or wine, and the sweet honey harvested right from the farm! You will find hands-on entertainment for every age.

Be sure to stop by the Shearing Museum and gift shop too. Before heading back to the motel, stop by the Farmhouse Café Kiosk to get a dose of caffeine or a refreshment before heading on back to the motel.

For hours and pricing, visit their website here. This is a day trip ‘ewe’ won’t want to miss!

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