Great Opportunities for Photography in New Zealand

Beautiful sunset, farmland and mountains, great photography in new zealandNew Zealand’s landscape makes it the perfect place for anyone looking for some spectacular shots. There’s never a short supply of film- (or digital)-worthy scenery around, and we would venture to bet that great opportunities for photography in New Zealand are the best in the world.

Farmlands, vineyards, mountains and brilliant skies… there’s really something for every artist’s eye.

Best Seasons for Photography in New Zealand

Every season is a great season for photography in New Zealand because each season holds unique photographic advantages.

June through August – Misty winters are filled with glassy snowcapped mountains, and the sunrises and sunsets display a pallet of brilliant purples, pinks and everything in between.

September through November – Spring offers a bouquet of brilliant flowers in parks, gardens, and hillsides. Baby animals, bursting waterfalls, and a sense of newness

December through February – Summer offers longer hours of warm light, lots of blue skies and some favorable weather. You can catch the world’s first sunrise of the year, right here in Hicks Bay!

March through May – Autumn brings forth a warm, fiery pallet of reds, oranges and yellows. Trees begin to turn and shed their leaves. Tramping trails, roads and forests become wonderful places to bring out the lens.

Hicks Bay, NZ – Off the Beaten Path

Hicks Bay offers a quiet corner of the world with plenty of great opportunities for photography in New Zealand, including the beautiful bay and the famous East Cape Lighthouse. There’s not a lot of traffic around which makes Hicks Bay the perfect place to relax and unwind; a photographer’s paradise!

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