Rere Rockslide – Free Exhilarating Fun for the Adventurous!

Rere RockslideThe Rere Rockslide is a beautiful natural wonder which presents much fun for the adventurous, and a wonderful view for those who would rather stay safe and dry during these chilly winter months. For those wanting in on the adrenaline rush, we recommend you first visit the Gisborne i-SITE Information Centre (209 Grey St., Gisborne) to rent a FREE wetsuit to remove some of the chill. There are also options to pay a small fee for a sled rental (per hour or per day) if you prefer a little extra sliding equipment. You’ll also be able to gather more information from the friendly, knowledgeable staff, including the best route to take and recent reports of the rockslide conditions.

Be sure to pack a picnic lunch, or pick up some snacks while you are in Gisborne before making your way out at the rockslide. Warm clothing and extra layers are strongly advised. Adventurous sliders will also want to bring change of clothes and a towel to dry off. Facilities are available at the rockslide site for public use.

Visitor reviewers from reported smaller crowds during these cooler winter months, while still offering a spectacular view; the essence of which cannot be completely captured on film. Be advised that the water is also freezing, so strong discretion is advised when deciding whether to go down the rockslide. Many visitors reported that they had a lot of fun just watching the “crazy youth” skim down the slides. Whatever your pace, bring a camera to capture the wonder and the fun!

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