Rotorua Duck Tours – Unique New Zealand Tour

Summer Recreation Activities in New ZealandIf you’re looking for a unique New Zealand tour, you’ve found it. Rotorua Duck Tours offers one of the wackiest rides of your life. Great for couples, groups, families or if you are on your own personal holiday, this tour is a fun way to go sightseeing around Rotorua. The best part about this unique New Zealand Tour is that it runs year-round and in most weather conditions.

What is a Duck? – Rotorua Duck Tours

A “Duck” is a WWII landing craft which has been refurbished into the vessel you’ll be touring around in. These landing crafts were an important part of winning battles in the Pacific and Europe. Originally nicknamed the DUKW, the letters represented D (1942), U (Amphibian) K (Front-Wheel-Drive) W (Rear-Wheel-Drive).

Rotorua Duck Tours – Unique New Zealand Tour Experience

Rotorua Duck Tours offers one of the craziest tours across Rotorua. They offer both a 90 minute tour (Rotorua City and Lakes) and a 120 minute tour (Tarawera and Lakes) as you ride around the streets in what looks like a boat-bus on wheels. It doesn’t just look like a boat-bus on wheels, though because it actually IS a boat-bus on wheels. Your tour will eventually land you in the water where you’ll continue your aquatic tour. Your tour guide or conDUCKtor will have you rolling with laughter throughout the tour as well.

For booking information, visit their website. For other unique New Zealand tour ideas or activities, be sure to check out the rest of our Hicks Bay New Zealand travel blog.

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