Exciting Things to Do in New Zealand – Agroventures Adventure Park

Get your adrenaline ready because there are some exciting things to do in New Zealand, and we’ll start with the Agroventures Adventure Park. The Agrojet, Freefall Extreme, Swoop, Shweeb, and Rotorua Bungy Jump are just some of the crazily-named exciting things to do in New Zealand, and they’re all found in one place. What are these strangely named adventures? Glad you asked!

The human pedal-powered bullet zips across monorails at speeds exceeding Lance Armstrong’s Tour de France

Exciting Things to Do in New Zealand at Agroventures Adventure Park

  • Agrojet – Hop aboard the high-speed agrojet boat as you trust your James Bond-like pilot to navigate you through the sharp turns of the waterways and around islands. Enjoy the wind in your face and end with an exciting 360 degree donut on the water.
  • Freefall Extreme – Suit up and become your favorite flying superhero! Spread your arms out and let the wind fly beneath your “wings” while well-meaning family members anticipate their turn at looking just as silly as you do! New Zealand’s only wind tunnel!
  • Swoop – Go on your own or with up to two other friends. You control the ripcord; are you brave enough to pull it? This adrenaline rush has you slowly lifted from the ground, only to plummet to the ground at speeds of up to 130 km/hr. But never fear! The connected cables catch you just in time!
  • Shweeb – This includes an exciting chance to win $1,000! Gather your friends and race in this unique human-powered suspension pedal pod at up to 50kph! It was the brainchild of Geoffrey Barnett who was a former English teacher hoping to develop a solution to getting through busy traffic. If you beat the world record, you could end up leaving with a cool $1k!
  • Rotorua Bungy – It’s a 43m drop, all strapped in nice and safe. It’s the ultimate adrenaline rush as you stand backwards on the edge of this freefall. Don’t think you can jump? They’ll even provide you with some assistance with that. You can also share this screaming good time in tandem with a friend!

If these extremely exciting things to do in New Zealand aren’t enough for your adrenaline appetite, we aren’t sure what will be. For more information on details and pricing, check out the Agroventures website. If you’re looking for other exciting things to do in New Zealand with a little less edge, check out the rest of our blog!


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