Fun Attraction in Rotorua – Rainbow Springs Nature Park

rainbow springs nature park rotorua new zealandRainbow Springs Nature Park is New Zealand’s largest Kiwi conservation centre which officially opened its doors in December 1932. The park was originally a run-down dairy form which was transformed into the park you’ll see today. Over time and several decades later, Rainbow Springs Nature Park Rotorua New Zealand has become a fun attraction studio in Rotorua for tourists and natives alike.

Fun Attraction in Rotorua – Rainbow Springs Nature Park

There are plenty of things to see and do at this fun attraction studio in Rotorua!

  • Kiwi Encounter – You’ll get the opportunity to see New Zealand’s national bird up-close and personal. While these cute little birds are creatures of the night, a few of the birds are kept in the nocturnal house to view during the daytime. Your pass is also good for re-entry evening admittance when you can see the other kiwis come out to play!
  • Big Splash is the park’s fun and educational ride, open from 9 am until 5 pm, with unlimited admittance.
  • Free-Flight Bird Show daily (don’t be late!)
  • Several other Close Encounter exhibits, including native reptile close-ups, eel feedings, trout feeding, water dragon and blue lizard close-ups and even a Juvenile Tuatara talk where you can watch the “baby dinosaurs” (tuataras) get fed.
  • Playground area for the kids.

Rainbow Springs Nature Park, Kiwi Encounter, and Agrodome in Rotorua

Tickets and prices for this fun attraction studio in Rotorua can be found here. Rainbow Springs Nature Park and Kiwi Encounter tickets can also be coupled with a trip to the world-famous Agrodome in Rotorua.


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