Gisborne Wine Region

Gisborne WineTraveling through New Zealand, you may have noticed the beautiful vineyards draping over the rolling hills and lining the outlying roads throughout the country. New Zealand’s wine industry is one of the youngest worldwide, but the passion of the local growers has provided the strong foundation for a flourishing, world-class wine industry. The Gisborne wine country not only produces some amazing wines, but the beauty of the land paired with the hospitality of the winery hosts make for a dynamic wine tasting experience.

Gisborne Wine Varieties

The temperate maritime climate of New Zealand makes the country suitable for a wide variety of wine grapes to flourish. Gisborne wine tasting offers an easy afternoon to sit back, relax and enjoy some of the fruitful bounty of the land.

Chardonnay is grown successfully as the dominant wine variety, with the second most prevalent variety being the aromatics, such as Pinot Gris. Several other varieties are always being trialed, most with great success.

Gisborne Region Wineries

The Gisborne region is home to various kinds of wineries – from large producers down to the small boutique and entrepreneurial growers. It is also the third largest wine region in New Zealand. The region’s climate boasts of ample sunshine, making a visit to the wineries a beautifully rich experience.

Gisborne is also home to several award-winning wineries. These wineries are close neighbors and all within about 15 minutes of the main city of Gisborne. This makes an afternoon of winetasting easy to integrate into a relaxed itinerary with other laid-back Gisborne activities.

You can find a list of Gisborne wineries at the New Zealand Wine website:



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