Kiwi Encounter at Rainbow Springs Nature Park

Kiwi Encounter at Rainbow Springs Nature ParkWhat has whiskers like a cat, giant feet, and wings but cannot fly? The kiwi, of course! New Zealand’s wild kiwi population is steadily declining each year, and if nothing is done to help these birds, it’s estimated that the kiwi bird may disappear within two generations. The Kiwi Encounter at Rainbow Springs Nature Park is the largest of many conservation efforts being made to help preserve New Zealand’s kiwi population.

The Kiwi Encounter – Rainbow Springs Nature Park

Most kiwi chicks don’t survive in the wild due to their predators. As an effort to increase the kiwi population, male kiwi are monitored in the wild by the Department of Conservation. Once incubation of eggs have been established, the eggs are taken from the burrows and brought into a conservation facility. At the facility, they finish incubation and raise the chicks to 1kg in weight before releasing them back into the wild.

Rainbow Springs Nature Park – Visitor Information

The Kiwi Encounter at Rainbow Springs Nature Park is just one of many activities available at the park.

  • Big Splash – Enjoy a short 9 minute leisurely ride with an educational twist! Be prepared for the jolt of adrenaline at the end of the ride though! Ages 5 and up (check website for status on whether this one is running on the day you plan to go.)
  • Free Flight Bird Show – You MUST be seated 5 minutes prior to show, no exceptions. Runs at 11:30 a.m. daily. Come see the exotic birds in action as they show off their intellectual skills, tricks, and beautiful colors
  • Encounters – Besides the Kiwi Encounter at Rainbow Springs Nature Park, there are several more opportunities to get up close to the wildlife. See a list here.
  • Find it! Monthly Contest – Kids; be sure to count the purple tree markers you find throughout the park and enter in to win some cool prizes!

Admission and ticket information can be found here.

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