New Zealand Earthquake Lights – What Are They?

The recent 7.8 magnitude earthquake in New Zealand is the biggest quake since the Dusky Sound rattle of July 2009. The earthquake struck just after midnight Monday near Kaikoura, a coastal city located northeast of Christchurch, NZ. This quake left some hefty devastation with damaged infrastructure and at least two casualties reported. What’s strange, however, are the reports of people seeing blue and green lights in the skies just before or in the midst of an earthquake. These are dubbed as New Zealand earthquake lights, but what are they? Are they simply hearsay?

New Zealand Earthquake Lights – Are they Real?

Newer technology has given spectators a greater advantage when it comes to documenting strange phenomenon such as these. New Zealand earthquake lights were said to have been seen in this major New Zealand earthquake, but how can this phenomenon be explained?

New Zealand Earthquake Lights Seen in Wellington During the Peak of the Quake – Credit to Zachary Bell

New Zealand Earthquake Lights – A Possible Explanation

Friedemann Freund, researcher and crystallographer at NASA Ames Research Center (Mountain View, CA) and San Jose State University, were able to deduce that 97% of these “earthquake lights” reported since 1600, happened at faults within the continental plates, and that 85% occurred where the earth buckled, creating a steep ravine which would bring up magmatic rocks from deep below the surface and theoretically, they would discharge electrical energy. This energy would then ionize the air to generate the light show.

This theory is just a possible explanation for the rumored New Zealand earthquake lights, but even some naysayers reject this theory as “crackpot physics.”

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