Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park – Fun Things to Do in Rotorua

Fun Things to Do in RotoruaLooking for fun things to do in Rotorua with your family and have at least 2 hours of your time? Visit Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park!

Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park

This park opened its doors in 1939 as a sanctuary for trout. It was purchased in 1975 by two brothers and is currently a family business, operating 100% on the funds received from visitors just like you! Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park is a world-class attraction and is constantly evolving in development, adding more attractions and upgrades to keep things fresh and interesting.

Fun Things to Do in Rotorua – Paradise Valley Springs Wilklife Park

There are many fun things to do in Rotorua, but Paradise Valley Springs is the ONLY place you can watch a pride of African lions feasting! Lions are fed daily at 2:30 p.m. and can be viewed by park visitors. There’s also a Kea and Possum feeding at 3:00 p.m. daily.

New Zealand Native Wildlife

For the little ones (and hands-on adults as well), you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in with some of New Zealand’s native wildlife, including pigs, thar, deer and wallabies. Have a go at hand-feeding too!

Streamside Farm Walk

You can also take the streamside farm walk and encounter alpacas, sheep and goats along the way. The streams and ponds throughout the park are also teaming with brown trout. You may also want to stop and taste some of the pure spring water, straight from the spring! The next best thing would be to purchase some bottled spring water to take with you.

For more information on Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park, visit their website here.


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