Rotorua Duck Tours – Summer Recreation Activities in New Zealand

Summer Recreation Activities in New ZealandOne of the most iconic summer recreation activities in New Zealand is a tour around Rotorua, but not just any tour; a tour by Duck! Bring your, partner, whole family or group (large or small) on an amazing amphibious sightseeing tour of Rotorua like you’ve never experienced before!

While Rotorua Duck Tours run year-round in most weather conditions, summer is one of the best times to take a tour of Rotorua by Duck.

What’s a Duck?

A “Duck” is a refurbished WWII landing craft which was credited as an integral vehicle used to win battles in Europe and the Pacific. These landing crafts were officially known as DUKWs, which in military code, stood for:

D – 1942

U – Amphibian

K – Front-wheel drive

W – Rear-wheel drive

Rotorua Duck Tours – A Quacky Adventure!

Rotorua Duck Tours is one of the craziest summer recreation activities in New Zealand that you will ever experience. Both tours begin in the city of Rotorua and part paths for a time. You’ll experience Rotorua by land and by water, all in the same vessel. You’ll also enjoy the strange looks from onlookers as they try to figure out what just zoomed by!

Rotorua Duck Tours – 90 and 120 Minute Tours

There are two tours to choose from; the Rotorua City and Lakes Tour (90 minutes) and the Tarawera and Lakes tour (120 minutes). Each tour will be guided by your conDUCKtor, who promises bring lots of fun and laughter for the duration of your tour.

Looking for Summer Recreation Activities in New Zealand?

Check out Rotorua Duck Tours!

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